Welcome to Eat Play Vancouver

Hello Friends,

My previous blog on Podbean, Three Apples Tall, is permanently closing and moving to WordPress. I will no longer be doing podcasts, but I’m excited to do some writing (my first passion) on this site. I will carry on writing about life’s adventures and all the wonderful things God brings into my path here on this pretty site.

For those of you who are new, here are some things you should know about me:
1. I love/hate to run
2. I moved to Vancouver from Ontario in March 2009
3. I love health and exercise
4. I am always on the go
5. My mother always tell me to slow down
6. I eat like a horse
7. Some people call me Banayna…cause that is the only word that rhymes with my name
8. I am a new knitter (and yes, I am still cool)
9. I do ten+ new things a year (variety is the spice of life!)
10. I have big faith in God

So put me in your bookmarks, your RSS, your google-ma-bob and let the fun begin/continue!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Eat Play Vancouver

  1. If you ever want to come eat and play in Fort Langley, we’re just a hop over the Port Mann! It’s only been about 15 years or so since I saw you last! Loved following your stories on your last blog.

  2. Look forward to hearing how you deal with the non-stop gifts that are thrown our way. Just remember where you are and the prime opportunities for reflection (outside of the blog) and teaching (you have that energy). Oh, and never hike ‘n’ type ;)

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