Confession: I totally skipped church this morning. I’m sitting outside a cafe eating a Vancouver famous cinnamon bun. It is the first time I have had one, though I have been hearing about them since I moved here a year and a half ago. While sitting in my car about to drive to church, I realized I didn’t really feel like going and that I wanted to go to a coffee shop instead. I figured that Jesus must have enjoyed a couple baked goods in his days and that he comes with me where ever I go anyways, so he is along for the ride to the Kit’s Coffee Shop down on West 4th.

It is beautiful out, this whole weekend has been a great one. Hot temps for Vancouver (about 30C) but some nice breezes coming through. So besides swimming and going to fish and chips at Go Fish! I decided to do a 20K yesterday morning. You know things are going good in your running life when you start day dreaming at work about putting in a glorious long run for a distance you haven’t attempted in 8 months. All I could picture was the seawall and how beautiful it looks in Stanley Park when the sun is coming up and the park is starting to fill with bikers, rollarbladers, runners and tourists…lots and lots of tourists. I love running past other runners and seeing if they will smile and share that unspoken camaraderie that runners share. (I had some success too)

I even ran on a part of the seawall that I had never seen before, which was really exciting since it was the only undiscovered area left for me. This section was in Coal Harbour and goes past restaurants on the water, leisure boat docking areas, seaplanes and cruise ships. It was pretty nice and I’m sure I will get back again soon. I still believe that there is no better way to discover a city than running or walking its streets and pathways.


So about 30 minutes ago I dropped my knife on the ground and an older man, named Al, beside me got up and got me a new one before I could even stand up. We ended up having a lovely chat about Vancouver and life and how much I need to go to White Rock located just on the Washington border. However, now my train of thought has completely gone so I’m going to end this post here.

I hope your day is filled with good chats, new people, fresh sites and a bit of good baking.



One thought on “Confession

  1. Dana
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I could “almost” taste the cinnamon bun, wished I could feel the breeze and was glad that I wasn’t jogging.
    Glad things are going well in Vancouver. I started a blog just before my tour. I wasn’t sure if I would continue but there has been some interest and so I will on occasion. I hope to keep it music related. I look forward to reading yours.
    P.S. We miss you in London!

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