So Hot

My feet are hot…so hot. Why you ask? Because I just knit myself a pair of socks…and I’m wearing them and they are making my feet really hot.  Okay, I didn’t JUST knit these socks, I started in July and finished them this week . But I’m super proud of figuring out the pattern and sticking with them even when I was frustrated.

I mentioned my finished sockery to a guy that I met last night. I prefaced it with, “I know this is going to sound geeky, but…” And do you know what he said? “That isn’t geeky at all.” Now, either he is a good liar or there is a guy who can appreciate a time-consuming, eye-crossing, cussing-creating item. I’ll believe the latter.

So without further ado…the Nutkin (So Hot) Sock!