Monday Night

I have spent the past month dealing with Shaw about switching my rental PVR(DVR) to one I bought.  I won’t even go into that whole debacle, but I will share the story of returning the PVR to the one location in Vancouver.

3:55pm – Leave work

4:15 – Arrive home, quickly get my gym gear together and grab PVR to drop off at Shaw Cable downtown (closes at 5pm)

4:35 – Sitting in traffic

4:40 – Still sitting in traffic

4:45 – Panic is setting in as I’m frantically looking for parking

4:48 – Manage to find the most expensive meter in the city and pour all my change in to it (75cents).  In return I receive 8mins of parking. Arg!

4:51 – Get in long service line at Shaw.

4:51:30 – Realize I forgot my wallet in the car…ask cute guy to hold my spot.

4:53 – Realize I’m almost out of time on the meter and think I have spotted some free parking…move car.  Get out of car and realize it is valet parking for hotel.  Get back in car after giving the valet attendent a frazzled brush off.

4:56 – Find another parking spot.  No money left for meter.  Though I promised myself no more risky parking (2 tows and 2 tickets this year) I say, screw it. 

4:57 – Get back in line.  Thank cute guy. Consider striking up a conversation, but I’m already on the verge of tears and still paniced that I might not get helped before they close.  (A crying woman is not a real attractive feature.)

4:59 – Talking to service person and get everything straightened out.  Ahhh.

5:10 – Arrive at the YMCA change room.  Look down and realize the zipper on my coat has been split half way up the bottom the whole night.


My Little Watermelon

At the end of September my parents and sister Breanne came for a visit.    We went to a couple yarn shops and I picked out a pattern to make for my 1 year old niece Gwenyth.  My mom helped chip in some money for the yarn (Blue Sky Alpaca) and asked if it would be done by Christmas.  “Heck no,” I said. “She’ll be lucky if she has it by her 13th birthday.”

Well guess what?  No, you have no idea?  A little thick aren’t you?  Well let me tell you…I finished it in one month.  It was actually really easy and I learned a couple new things while working on it, including the kitchener stitch and how to attach sleeves. 

I can’t wait to get it on my niece and watch her stain it with a bottle of fine port and some crème brûlée…or in reality, grape juice and chocolate pudding.  I’ll just look at her with dreamy eyes and say, “Awww, isn’t she just the cutest.”

Here is my finished version:

Watermelon Sweater by Alana Dakos

I’ll be sure to take a picture of her at Christmas time and post that too.  But for now it looks so warm that perhaps I’ll squeeze into it for my run tonight.  There is snow in Vancouver for the first time since I moved here over a year and a half ago, and tonight is running group.  So excited to final put on my tights and hit the pavement in the cold. (I think only a few of my running friends back in Ontario-ari-ario can appreciate that comment.)

Opposites Attract

Sunday morning was chocolate overdose exciting.  The New York City marathon was on at 6am PST! I was so excited to watch it I hardly slept the night before. Would my alarm go off? Would my clock reset itself for Day Light Savings? Would Haile Gebresselie win the marathon? Would they all have their shoe laces secured tight enough? My nerves were racked! I had also just set out some sticky traps in hopes of catching Rhett, the “no-woman-can-catch-me” mouse that is alluding my every move.  Would Rhett get caught in the night leaving me with an alive mouse to kill in some ‘humaine’ way?

Sunday morning rolls around with no sight of Rhett and a fairly exciting marathon. The men’s elite pool was one of the strongest ever assembled and some of my favourites competed. I love watching them run and, even more, watching the mental game that gets played. Who is going to break for it and when? Whose nipples will chafe and bleeding first? Will a crazy spectator take anyone out? And when is the pace going to really pick up?

While I was watching I was knitting. This added the icing to the cake. I got to do two of my favourite things at once. Here is a picture of pure Dana bliss.

Sadly, there will be no more marathons to get up in the early hours of the morning until next year. I’m already drooling at the thought of Boston and London.

More on the knitting project later…