Sick Day

I went in to work today feeling a little under the weather and ended up driving home 50mins later with stomach pain.  Later in the day my cold started coming out in full force and I was pretty laid up for a while.  However, I was tired of being stuck in my apartment by early afternoon and decided to get some exercise.  Yes, I do like to exercise when I’m sick.  I feel like I can sweat any bad bits right out of my body.  Usually I go for a run, buttoday I opted for a walk in my neighbourhood to enjoy the sun.

While I was walking, I came across a beautiful Holly tree and thought I should take a picture of it.  However, pictures of trees on my iPhone 3 don’t usually look that great, so I thought I would add my mittens.  These aren’t just any mittens, these are my absolute favourites.  I bought a whole matching set of mitts, scarf and hat about 4-5 years ago (promptly losing the hat) and I just love them.  They are soft, warm and ridiculously cute with their knit flowers and completely acceptable for a 30 yr old.  I came very close to losing one of the mitts last winter and actually teared up.  Yeah, lame, I know.  I had to take the picture quickly because someone was coming down the street and I feared looking like a kook, so bare with the unprofessional photo displayed.

On a side note, tonight was also my last visit to the dentist.  I think that makes at least 10 visits since May.  I have had pain in my teeth for the past month, but I’m hoping that will go away now that my mouth isn’t being assaulted by drills and death rays every couple weeks.  Did I mention that my dentist is called Dr. Au (pronounced Ow) and my family doctor is Dr Payne?  Yeah, I should have guessed things were going to go poorly.

Off to stop a runny nose and do some Christmas tree decorating!



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