Ten New Things 2010 – 2

Continued from previous ramblings…

6. Serving on my Birthday – I turned 30 this year and decided I wanted to stick with the Others theme on my birthday too.  So some of my friends and I served dinner at Out of the Cold at my church.  They provide meals and a place to sleep overnight for those in need.  I love serving in this way and making small chat as I load up people’s plates.  Everyone is so kind and thankful.  Thank you again to my friends who came out, we had a great time.

Thirty and flirty with the veggies.

7. Organized Long Runs – I have never organized a weekly run (shocking I know), but I took on the planning of long runs on Saturday morning for our Kit’s church running club as we prepped for the Victoria Half Marathon in October.  It was fun and great to run around the city in the morning with good friends.  Marathon long run group next?

Victoria Marathon
Rach and I were a little hungry after...who am I kidding, I'm always hungry!
Beer Reward
One medal and one beer. Mission accomplished.

8. The River website – A friend of mine heads up a great youth outreach program called The River, which is a branch of Living Waters Canada.  I helped him from start to…well we are almost done, working on it creating a site map, content, mock ups, SEO, etc.  It took a lot of time, but it will be a great site and resource for youth.

9. Spud Patrol – My amazing friend Rachel had a great idea to serve potatoes on the East side for her birthday.  We joined up with an organization called Spud Patrol, which Rachel had helped with as a kid, and we handed out hundreds of baked potatoes.  It was real interesting serving at the toppings table or walking around the area handing out wrapped potatoes at hand warmers.  Most people were happy and smiled, some gave us lively conversations that I couldn’t keep up with and some were clearly in desperate need of rescue from their place in life.  What I loved seeing the most was that people knew eat other and looked our for each other.  There was a real sense of community down there that was so evident you couldn’t ignore it.

Spud Patrol
People lining up to be served. I have never seen such huge amounts of cream cheese and butter on a potato.
Rach and I
Rach and I at Spub Patrol

10. Christmas Hamper – My small group donated money this Christmas and put together a Christmas hamper for a Chinese woman and her newborn who had to flee China because she was pregnant with her second child.  Her husband and first child are in hiding in China still and we were happy to be able to show some of God’s love to this woman through meeting her needs.  I think we spent almost $300 on diapers, rice, clothes and other goodies for her.  Welcome to Canada!

Honorary 11.  I financially donated more than I have in any year past to a variety of projects that are of particular interest to me.  I hope to continue to keep this number growing as years go on.

Others: Visiting Whistler and Vancouver Island, creating book covers for my dad, taking salsa lessons, attending a sledge hockey Paralympic event and a curling Olympic event (and seeing The Great One there), getting my first permanent job (no more contracts!), ate sea urchin and did the best parallel park ever.

Here are some almosts, but not quites: food eating contest, knitting for someone in need.  The first one I came very close to a couple of times, but I was pretty sure all I could eat deep-fried Mars bars would kill my long run the next day and the cupcake eating contest fell on a Feast for Friends day.  Next year my little cupcakes…next year.

What is next year going to be like?  Hoping to get to Hawaii and Tofino at some point, find a cause to knit for, go to my first NHL (Canucks) and MLS (Whitecaps) game and maybe, just maybe, snowboard.  Not sure of a theme yet, but you don’t need a theme to do awesome new things.

What did you do this year that was new?  Any plans for 2011?


2 thoughts on “Ten New Things 2010 – 2

    1. I’m going over Easter. I’ll be in Ontario the end of June. I’ll let you know when I’m home and hopefully we can meet up this time. Have a fun trip though!

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