French Press Slippers

For Christmas I made a pair of slippers for my little sister.  She is usually on her feet chasing kids and she lives in an old farm house, which can get a bit cold.  I had seen a pattern that I wanted to do for myself, but decided it would be nice to make them for my sister first (that way I can make all my mistakes on her pair and make myself an awesomer pair later…just kidding).  I had to felt them, so I decided to document the process.

Step 1 – You cut a hole int he box….wait that is the wrong gift.  Ahem…knit up slipper pieces.

Slipper pieces
Knit pieces ready to be sewn together.

Step 2 – Have a cup of tea and sew pieces together.

Slippers before felting
Ready to be felted.

Step 3 – Felt slippers with an accidentaly dyed red pillow case and 3 pairs of flip flops and 1 tennis ball.

Slippers in a pillow case with flip flops in the wash.
Pillow Case
Pulling pillow cast out every 5 mins to check for shrinkage...strange, the water was hot...

Step 4 – Pull out every 5 mins to shape. *Warning: May result in very soggy feet.

Wet slippers
Trying on slippers to size them.

Step 5 – Attach buttons and look sexy in finished slippers…or at least try to.  :)

Finished slippers
Aren't they nice?

** Directions may vary by person and tea consumption.


7 thoughts on “French Press Slippers

  1. well done! finished product looks very cute, hope she liked them! time to make an awesomer pair for yourself:) ps..can you email me the link for the toque/hat pattern and wool you are making? I think I want to give it a go.

  2. Hey Dana, love reading your blog. I’ve never been out west beofre so it’s so nice to hear about what happening out there and to hear about what your doing. Sounds like your doing great.

    Keep up the fantastic writing.

    Your new reader Mandy Pegg (McMaster)

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