5 Ways to Rile Up Your Mother

My mother and I have a good relationship, but we are pretty opposite in most ways.  Every now and then I like to throw her a curve ball just to keep her on her toes.  The following list is some of the things I have done or said to get a reaction out of her, because what good daughter wouldn’t want to do that?

1.  I let my mother ride shotgun with me while driving pretty much anywhere.

2. I told her I was planning to do something that she wasn’t going to like at all.  I told her months before I planned to doing it and remindered her every couple weeks that this thing is coming up, but never told her what it was until a couple days before.

3. I traveled alone in a foreign country.

4. I told her once I didn’t know if I wanted to have kids or would ever get married.

5. I decided to move across the country just for kicks.  Then explained that I planned on getting there by driving by myself in the middle of winter.

Ever do anything to get your ma fired up?


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