Canuck Crazy

Playoff Game
Playoffs game 2 against San Jose

Every year since I moved to Vancouver the Canuck have went to the playoffs. Usually they go out in the first or second round but this year…if you didn’t know this already…they are one game away from winning The Cup. And let’s just say this city is in a tizzy.

The 5th game has been over for about 40mins and there are still cars driving down Main Street blowing their horns, flags waving, with the passengers shouting out the window. Groups of people are gathered on the street corner egging them on and kid’s with cow bells are walking down the sidewalk making noise like crazy. The sound of celebration is continuous.

In a normal year, I get really antsy around playoffs and can’t wait until they are over. It feels like the whole city is sleep deprived. Everyone is jumpy and paranoid about the next win. This season is only slightly different. We are doing well and the celebrations seem endless. Personally I’m exhausted from rushing home or to friends or to the bar for 5pm games. The traffic is terrible as people rush to get downtown and watch the game in the core by the stadium. I want to see a win, and I want to celebrate, but I’ll be happy when it is all over.

I have had some firsts though during this whole craze:
1. I went to my first playoff game in round 3 against San Jose. We won and it was pretty exciting…and expensive. :)
2. I watched Game 3 of the finals in Rogers Arena when there was no one on the ice, just a jumbo screen to yell at.

Desk at work
Don't bug Dana, she has a game to get to.

Monday night I’m heading downtown to watch Game 6 and hopefully celebrate in the streets. I feel like this is going to be a bit of a healing event for me. If we win, it will make up for not being downtown during the final game of the Olympics, something I still regret to this day.

Very excited about the game.

So Go Canucks Go.  It’s time for the Stanley Cup to visit Stanley Park.  It’s time for the Canuck’s to win their first cup.  It’s time for summer to get started and it’s time for my life to get back to normal.  :)

Good ol' Johnny Canuck

Until I blog again!