Return of Rhett

2am….Squeals wake me. It sounds like there is a bat trapped in my kitchen.

I rush out of bed only to see that there is nothing visible in the next room. Perhaps it is trapped between my window and the blinds. Slowly I turn the blinds…nothing.


Perhaps it is trapped behind the oven. I hop up on the counter and pier behind….a tail…a trap. But nothing moves.

No sooner do I hope off the counter then out flies a mouse. Twisting and lunging for my bedroom.


He is obviously hurt, but I can’t stop him…but maybe a heavy pot will.

By the time the pot is in my hand Rhett is under my bed. Out of reach. I can see his body go up and down with every breath he takes.

I go back for a broom. Maybe I can poke him out.  By the time I return he is gone. I check every corner of my room. Nothing.

Behind the oven I can still see a tail…there were two.

Nothing to do but go back to bed and hope Rhett can’t climb.

As I slept, I dreamed of drowning two mice and a rabbit in a pail. I don’t know why that rabbit deserved to go, but it did.


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