2011 Ten New Things – Part 1

Almost unbelievably, another year has passed.  I was thinking about the time I have been living in Vancouver, and it has been almost 3 years.  I tried to think back over my time here and I almost couldn’t think of what happened in my second year here.  Of course it happened, but it happened so quickly.

Thinking about this past year, I continue to be surprised how fast things are moving.  I have been dating a lovely man named Dave, who is the love of my life, and no one has made me happier.  I have traveled to Hawaii, the Caribbean, parts of the States, and all over Canada.  I have never spent more time on a plane in one year, but I continue to find it my favourite place to be.  No phones, computers, work, people to talk to, just me and my knitting or reading or catching up on movies.  True time to relax that includes mini servings of pop and pretzels.

Mmm, now with that thought in mind, let’s take a little trip.

2011 The Year of Travel

1. Snowboarding on Mt. Baker

Snowboarding at Mt Baker
Snowboarding at Mt Baker

You can catch up on this experience in my blog from March.  It was something I always wanted to try, but turned out not being something I enjoyed.  However, that said, I think I might try it one more time, in a different location and with better snow conditions and see if that changes my mind.

2. Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii was always on my list of places to see when I moved West and it didn’t disappoint.  It was a great place to visit.  The weather was wonderful, it was easy and safe to get around, and personally not as expensive as everyone says (as long as you do it right). I traveled with three friends and we went to Maui for 5 days and Oahu for 5 days and during this time I has several firsts.
3. Surfing
Surfing in Maui
Surfing in Maui

Dylan and I with the Surf Board
Dylan and I with the Surf Board
Surfing was awesome, I really feel like I found something I would want to continue to learn.  And this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for beaches or water that much.  I had a great ‘dude’ of an instructor that helped me one on one.  The waves were really mild and I got up on my first try.  Being the adventurer that I am and having a teacher that was ready to see what I could do, we tried everything.  I surfed backwards, did my yoga pose and even did a quick handstand while riding a wave.  Everytime I got back to Dylan, he would be like, “I think you could do a triple axle on your board this time.”  Sadly, the photographer that took pictures only took them for the first 45mins of the lesson and not the last part where I was building up the confidence to do all the fun and crazy stuff.  Either way, it was fun.  I think I still have a lot to learn about timing the waves though, but hopefully I can do that on my next try.
4. Whalewatching
Whale Watching
Whale Watching
While on Maui we also went whale watching.  It was the end of the season, so there was a chance that we might not see anything, but it turned out to be the best outing that one of our guides had all year.  There was only one whale out, a teenager sized while, but like any good teenager he loved attention and taking risks and he came right up to our boat and swam under and around us.  In the whale watching world, we had been taken hostage by the whale, since you can’t move your boat while a whale is a certain distance from it.  It was a pretty incredible outing, even though it was bloody early in the morning, but it was well worth it.
5. Drive a scooter

Scooter Gang
Scooter Gang
Once we got over to Oahu, we rented scooters for a day and set out to drive around some of the island.  Before we left we asked for helmets and got the strangest looks.  In Hawaii you don’t have to wear helmets on scooters or motorcycles, so the scooter place managed to find two helmets for us to use which we shared.  I can see partially why people wouldn’t want to wear them…it is HOT! 
I’m pretty sure we weren’t suppose to go on highways or as far as we went, but our fearless leader Michael led us out anyway.  The sites as we drove along the coast were incredible and the beach we stopped at had perfect sand and a great view of the ocean with surfers and some small little rock islands.  If I remember correctly, there was even a bride and groom getting their pictures done there.
To be continued…

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