2011 Ten New Things – Part 2

Continuing with the new things I have done this year…

6. Tofino

On the May long weekend Dave and I headed out to Tofino for the first time.  We didn’t do anything exciting while were were there, but we really enjoyed the ferry ride, the drive and the big fireplace in the lounge at the hotel we stayed at.  We explored the town of Tofino (I found a nice little yarn store), ate at a great restaurant called Shelter (try the warm salad, it was amazing!) and walked along trails and the beach to look at surfers and starfish.  It was a really nice, relaxing weekend and we can’t wait to go back again this year.

Tofino in May
Tofino in May

7. Going to a NHL Game

Dave is a big Canucks fan, and this year they made it all the way to game 7 of the Stanley Cup.  I went to one regular season game this year with a friend, but Dave was insistant on going to a playoff game to experience the excitement.  We went to see game 3(?) of the San Jose series and it was pretty exciting.  Dave get’s right into the game.  The Canucks blew the Sharks out of the water (ha ha, lame I know), and everyone was happy.  We also got free towels to swing around (not as easy as it looks).  Towel power!

Dave and I at a Canuck playoff game.
Dave and I at a Canuck playoff game.
Playoffs Canucks vs San Jose Sharks
Playoffs Canucks vs San Jose SharksDave and I at a Canuck playoff game.Dave and I at a Canuck playoff game.

8. Galiano Wine Festival

My friend Meaghan has a tradition of going to this wine festival on the small Golf Island every year and this year a group of us decided to join her. We walked on the ferry and we were on the island in time for their pancake breakfast and market. While we waiting for the festival to set up in this park we all laid around in the grass soaking in the sun. The festival was great, it was $35 for all you can drink wine. They also had ciders, beer and cheese stands, and the whole time there was finger food being passed out by little old ladies from the area, so you knew that they would be good and you would be forced to stuff yourself whether you liked it or not. How do you say no to grandma? By the end we were all giddy and ready to walk to the ferry in the late afternoon for our ride back. It was a great day and I’m all in for doing it this year again.

Galiano Wine Festival with friends
Galiano Wine Festival with friends

9. Driving through Algonquin Park in the Fall

Dave and I went back to Ontario to visit his family and mine in October, part of the trip involved renting a car and driving to Petawawa through Algonquin Park. I had never been to the park but know lots of people who have gone for camping and portaging. It was a perfect time to go as the leaves were changing color and the temperature was comfortable. We stopped at lots of nice little places on the way. I remember as a kid my parents taking us to places a couple hours away and they would want to stop and look in little towns. I thought it was the most boring nothing ever. Now I’m totally into it. I guess I’m getting older.

10. Snorkeling (in Grand Cayman)

This just happened last week when I was in Grand Cayman visiting Dave’s mom and step dad.  We had a morning to ourselves and we decided to go to Cemetery Beach so I could go snorkeling for the first time (I had been to the Cayman Islands once on a cruise already). When we got there we went for a run first.  However, about five minutes in we realized that it happened to be the rockiest part of Seven Mile Beach and that Dave had forgot to lock the car doors and his wallet was inside.  Needless to say, we turned around and went back.  Next we got our snorkeling gear on and headed into the water.  We could see out in the water where other snorklers off the boats and in the water. As we worked our way out I noticed that I was getting stung.  It felt like a bee sting, but it was happening over and over again.  Then I noticed that there were little jellyfish in clusters in the water and we were swimming right into them.  Dave was getting stung too, so we turned around and headed back. When we stepped out of the water we were covered in red spots and Dave had even swelled up all over his arm.  However, I did see a stingray and some fish in the coral, but Dave was said it was the worst snorkeling he had ever done.  I would definitly give it another try though…without the jellyfish.

Since our morning was a bit of a comedy of errors, we went to a open beach bar and had a pina colada to make everything better.  This went down smoothly.

There are several other firsts this year, or places I have returned to to spend more than a couple hours in, including Portland, Grand Cayman and Montreal. I also went to a CFL playoff game in Vancouver,finally went to the Festival of Lights at VanDusen Gardens, ate at several new restaurants in Vancouver, had conch fritters in Cayman, ran a 1/2 marathon in Portland and visited several new airports (Washington, Winnipeg, Denver, Cayman, Ottawa, Hawaii, Seattle, etc.) . I think the only thing that I had really wanted to do this year but did not do was create a knitting pattern, but I have resigned myself to be okay with that, I have learned so many new knitting techniques and things about yarn and gauge that I’m okay with just learning right now and becoming better at it, before trying to tackle designing something.

BC Lions playoff game
BC Lions playoff game

Next year already has some great adventure set up, the biggest includes a trip to Europe to do the Paris Marathon with Dave and visit my sister in Germany. The plan on this trip is to also visit Spain, but we will see how much we can pack in. It has been 6 years since my last visit and I’m really looking forward to it. So, cheers to a great year past, new adventures and love found, and here is to an amazing 2012 full of new adventures and challenges to come!


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