Because isn’t your first post supposed to be?  

I read a lot of knitting blogs, some for the content, many for the images of things the blogger loves or is working on.  I am drawn by the way community is created online.  Where physical friends, who share your great passions, can be lacking in your own community, one can find a never ending supply online.  I love to celebrate the success of other bloggers when they release a pattern, book, or just finish a project that they have been challenged by.

So what brought me to start my own blog?  Several years ago, I was inspired by the host of The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan, who said he has a bucket list that he purposefully tries to complete.  While a life long list of items was a bit daunting, I decided that I would challenge myself to do ten new things a year.  Since then I have seen a baby born, bungy jumped, taken a cooking class, run several marathons and traveled to new destinations.  In 2011, I planned on making my first knitting pattern, but only being in my second year of knitting, it felt overwhelming and I pushed it off. However, it stayed in the back of my mind, nagging me.  This year, I have seen some wonderful knitwear designers have great success, specifically Jane Richmond.  She is an amazing designer who creates simple, everyday designs that I find so appealing, but I have a hard time finding on sites like Ravelry.  It finally gave me the idea of what I need to design.  Design what is missing! Simple fun patterns for the modern woman.  It happens that about this time, I also started a mini-adiction to Malabrigo’s Rasta and felt like it was the perfect format to make something that fit this description.  

How do you get started though?  I enrolled in a class through the amazing Knit City event held in October in Vancouver, and designer Liz Abinante, of Feministy, taught a great class on pattern design and the process of getting your design out and available to people.  So here I am.  I’m creating a spring board for my ideas and an environment to reach out to other knitters for community.  I have two patterns in the works using Rasta that I plan to release in January. And even if my sisters and I are the only ones who knit them, I’ll still be proud of accomplishing something new.

So raise your needles, then knit a row. Here’s to an epic beginning!


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