Baby Boys

My newest nephew Trent.
My newest nephew Trent.

Hello Knitters,

Isn’t it delightful when you search Ravelry and find a beautiful little girl outfit?  Maybe it’s a sweater, or a pair of booties, or a cute little dress.  There are so many options, you could knit them forever.

I had 5 friends/family members having babies this year and surely there would be a few girls.  Surely!  I pre-knit up a couple girl things to have ready.  I knew I would need some on hand and felt well prepared.  However, I was completely in denial that there might be a boy or two born in this batch.

The first baby was born in August and her name was Audrey.  So cute and perfect for that first Maile sweater I knit.  Then my sister has next and had a boy, Trent, …well there was bound to be one, but I was ill prepared.  In a panic I try to knit up one of the few cute boy sweater patterns you can find on Ravelry, the very popular Baby Sophisticate.   Sadly, I was completing the project while I was visiting Ontario where my family lives and I run out of the beautiful espresso coloured SweetGeorgia yarn as I was casting off.  I toyed with tying together every scrap piece I could find to finish it off, but there was no chance I had enough or that it wouldn’t look ridiculous.

The third baby comes along a couple weeks later and it was another boy, Jackson.  Things were starting to get desperate.  I realized I had been naive for too long, dreaming in pinks and purples.  This baby wasn’t going to get anything.  There was no time and shipping across the country is stupid expensive in Canada.  Well wishes were all I could give.

The fourth baby arrived less than a week later.  Can you guess what it was?  His name was Ezra, and he was a beautiful little baby who received some sleepers from Sears.

One of the only pictures of a baby in one of my knits.  Little Trent didn't even keep this one as it was almost too small for his head.
One of the only pictures of a baby in one of my knits.  Little Trent didn’t even keep this one as it was almost too small for his head.

While I was home with all my little girl items, I saw my cousin at a big family get together and met his daughter Alexandria, who was about 5 months old.  I had not seen them in a while, but they became the perfect recipients of my second Maile sweater (what can I say, I loved that pattern).

For two months, two little girl items remained sitting on my window sill where I keep my yarn.  So soft and feminine but without a little body to keep warm.  Until this week!  Another friend from back in Ontario had a baby girl, Megan.  From the pictures I have seen she is a teeny, tiny, bundle of preciousness, who will one day grow perfectly into the Baby Frock by Hannah Fettig that I knit up months ago.

Lessons to take away from this:

1. Be prepared with boy items (obviously).

2. Tell friends to stop getting it on so much.  I can’t keep up with all their baby making success.

3. Continue to knit every cute girl thing I find, because there will always be more girls.


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