A Serious Day of Catching Up

Yes, this is what getting serious looks like.  An Americano Misto and an Eggnog Snowball Lucky’s Doughnut from 49th Parallel on Main Street.  

I have been feeling severely sleep deprived for the past couple weeks and any attempts to catch up have failed this weekend, hence the little caffeine and sugar boost.  I forgot to remind my co-workers that I would be out today and because I’m one of the earliest starters on my team (6:30am), people text me from 5:30am onwards to let me know they are not coming in.  Since I forgot to notify people i would be away, I still felt it was my responsibility to pass these messages on so meetings with clients could be rebooked or handled by another colleague.  So from 5:30am on, I woke up several times to pass along messages of people being sick or just to check that I wasn’t missing anything.  The brain can not stay quiet while responsibility beckons.

In other news, I finished all my Christmas shopping today and managed to get to the gym, finish a book and complete some errands before settling down with my Misto to blog to all of you.  

You may have noticed something on the needles in the picture above.  This is a glimpse of my first pattern in the making.  I’m working on the test sample right now and hope to finish it today.  Now I know you are all itching to get your hands on this beautiful project in the works, but you will just have to hold your collective breathes a little longer.  This still nameless beauty won’t be released until the New Year, but it will come in the nick of time, when you are finally finished knitting all those Christmas gifts and it is time to cast on a little project for yourself.  I promise it will be a cozy, fun knit that will keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose.  

Hmmm, doughnut is done.  Seconds?


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