Rules of Knitting for Men

Dave wearing the Cerus Scarf by Hilary Smith Callis.  Knit with Aslan Trends yarn.
Dave wearing the Cerus Scarf by Hilary Smith Callis.  Knit with Aslan Trends yarn.

I have one amazing guy who I knit most consistently for:  my boyfriend Dave.  He is a superstar when it comes to supporting my habit.  He never gets in my way when there is a good deal going down at a yarn shop, he has attended at least 3 fibre festivals with me and he is okay with letting me knit instead of making out…well some of the time.

So, of course, he is the man that I knit for the most and I have learned a couple things about knitting for men that all you lady knitters need to know.

Rule 1:  Let him pick the pattern

Rule 2: Let him pick the yarn

Rule 3: Let him pay for the yarn

Okay, I’ll admit that last rule is mine.  But Dave is always up for buying yarn if I’m going to spend hours knitting him something.  Sometimes he just sees a colour at a store or festival that he loves and he buys it without prompting, knowing we can figure out something to make with it later. The latest thing we are planning to get on the needles is Collison by Tora Frøseth Design. He said he wanted another hat, so I went on Ravelry, picked out some patterns that fit the gauge of the yarn he bought, interested me and of course ones I thought would look great on him.  (The girl has to have some control over what they are knitting.)

If you are looking for some great men’s designs I recommend the following:

Windschief by Stephen West (Dave’s current knit hat)

Men’s Striped Cardigan by Josh Bennett (this is just sexy, Dave needs one stat!)

Men’s Felted Moc Slippers by Lavender Hill Knits (Dave’s loved these, minus the red stitching)


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