2012 – Ten New Things

As you may have seen on my other blog, I do ten new things a year.  Here are my Ten New Things of 2012.

1. Travel to Spain (April) – Dave and I visited Europe for 16 days in spring.  Our first stop was Spain, we went to Barcelona, Girona and Figueres.  Barcelona was a great city to walk around and see some beautiful architecture and a relaxed way of life.  Girona (in the picture to the left) was one of our favourite stops on the trip.  It has the oldest Jewish quarter in Europe and it was a postcard perfect place filled with stairs leading everywhere and cobblestone streets.

2. Run an international marathon (Paris – April)

 – The reason we went to Europe was to run the Paris Marathon.  The route was wonderful.  We saw so much of the city that we had not seen before.  However, Dave was really sick during the race (and for the week after) and it made for a slow painful run.  We are proud to have finished the race in 5hrs, but both of us are determined to crush our next one.

3. Travel to Luxembourg (April) – Luxembourg was a great city to stop at on our way back to Germany to stay at my sister’s place.  The town centre was lovely and it is all built up on a high protective wall that dips into a deep valley that has a walking trail and parks.  We visited an amazing chocolate house while we were there and it was heaven.

4. Travel to the Okanagan, BC (May) – I don’t know why it took so long to get to the Okanagan.  It is one of the most beautiful areas in BC, and there are a lot.  We went up and visited about 15 wineries in the three days we were gone and camped with friends.  This is definitely on our list of places to return to soon.  Geesh, that list just keeps getting longer!

5. Took a pastry cooking class (July) – I have always wanted to take a pastry course or any type of cooking class, so I finally signed up for one.  This one was all about strawberries.  We made a sponge cake, merengue, a tart and another dish which I have forgotten.  The one thing that I learned the most was that I need a stand mixer. : )

6. Attended a wedding on a boat (July) – Our friends Jin and Jenn got married in the summer and their reception was on a boat on the North Shore.  It was so much fun to be dancing outside with the lights of the city in the distance.  What a great venue.

7. Complete food vacation (Portland – September) – Dave and I love Portland and decided to do a specific eating tour of the city.  I’ve never been so intent on hitting up restaurants, cafes and brew pubs on any vacation before.  In total we went to 22 food establishments and tried 22 different beers.  Part of this included a food tour from Fork Town Tours of Mississippi Street which was awesome.  It was a great way to learn about a different part of the city and taste so many different foods.  I definitely recommend this company. 

8. Baked my first pie (October) – Can you believe I had never baked a pie before?  I had a silly fear of making pie crust, but once I gave it a try, it was so simple.  I did a raspberry pie up and it was delicioius.  The raspberries were from the farmer’s market that I had frozen and raspberry is my favourite flavour of pie, so it just made sense.  Add a little vanilla ice cream and, presto!, awesome pie.

9. Started a knitting blog (November) – This has been a large undertaking and included taking a pattern making course with Liz Abinante of Feministy at the Knit City Fibre event in October.  Since then I have launched the blog, had a logo created and started blogging.  And as you will see in my tenth new thing, I created my first pattern.

10. Designed my first knitting pattern (November) – I have actually created two new patterns, the first I finished in November and the second in December.  They were both cowls and definitely took a lot of work to figure out.  I decided to start simple, understanding that it would be a learning curve and I’m glad I did it that way.  More to come on that later.

Other new things: driving on the Autobahn in Germany, eating blood sausage, taking a cheese making class, filleting a fish (tip: just buy it done) and I have tried lots of new vegetables from the farmer’s market including different varieties of tomatoes, apples, and garlic.

2012 was a great year and I know with the things that are planned for 2013 life is going to continue to get even better!


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