Never Ever Days

This past weekend, Dave and I went with some friends to Whistler Blackcomb to ski.  The last time I skied was probably 1996, and it only happened once and was never repeated because I was terrible at it.

Since Dave is into snowboarding, I felt like I should give skiing a try since my snowboarding attempt two years ago failed miserably.  I wanted to be able to do an outdoor winter sport with Dave, so when the Never Ever deal of $25 for a lesson and rentals came up, it was a no-brainer.  And guess what?  It went great!  I had such a good time and our instructor was really impressed at my ability to pick it up.  He said having XC skied before was a big help.  I’m planning to use the discount for additional lessons to really get a good foundation, so I can get on the mountain with Dave.  

He’s pretty excited too!  He was so relieved when he saw me with a big smile on my face at lunch.  Here is a picture from the afternoon.

Skiing aside, we finally had a sunny weekend in Vancouver and I was able to get some good pictures during the day of the first knitted item that I designed.  The pattern should be up soon and I’m really excited about it.  So keep watch; the pattern should be up by the end of the month!

PS – The mystery yarn is still a mystery!  But it definitely was for me because the people upstairs don’t knit.  I’m thinking of turning it into a pair of mitts or a touque for someone in need that attends my churches free Monday night dinners.  What do you think?  Also, if you are the generous person who left it on my mailbox, tell me.  I’m dying to know who it was!  


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