Plucky Whaaat?

I have been a fan of The Plucky Knitter‘s yarn for probably a year, but it has been incredibly hard to buy as they only sell online and they are constantly sold out.  They do a couple releases of hundreds of skeins a month, but they sell out in a couple hours and the sales start at about 6am Pacific Time, so usually I’m still sleeping or getting ready for work.

However in January, I saw a new colour release called Message in a Bottle and it blew my mind!  (See above picture.)  So I made a point of getting up early and ordering some during the next sale.  The first one I saw I plucked it up (pun intended), not realizing that the image I was looking at, which was a fingering weight, was not actually what I was buying. I ended up with a bulky weight yarn (see below) and the colour is completely different when direct light is on it.  The listing for Bulky was in the text and I completely missed it.

I figured out my mistake about the fingering/bulky error, but wish they had not had an image that didn’t truly represent the weight being sold, but I had no idea the yarn would look so purple when I received it.  I was going to send a picture in to let them know my disappointment at how far the colour was from the advertised one online.  Dave stood over me shining a bright light on it so that the colour wouldn’t be shadowy in my basement and, voila!, it was suddenly green!  The light changed everything.  I did get what I paid for, it just doesn’t look like it in my basement apartment.

This isn’t the first time I have ordered something online and been surprised by the colour difference.  It really makes me hesitate about buying online in the future, but sometimes the colours just looks so pretty!  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for colour.

Do you have an online purchase surprise/horror story?


Sigh of Relief

This past weekend included a big surprise for me.  I got engaged!  I knew this was coming, but I didn’t think it would happen for at least another month.  So when Dave sent me off on a treasure hunt across the city, I knew what was going to be at the end.

Dave and I had been seriously discussing getting married since December and had set a date on New Years Eve.  We started looking for venues in January.  I was in a bit of a panic with Valentine’s Day coming and the tight timeframe that we had to work with to book a date that worked for all our immediate family in Ontario to come to Vancouver for a wedding.  We basically had one weekend in the entire summer to get something down and the Saturday was booked at almost every place we checked.  We did manage to find a place that was perfect for the small wedding we wanted and it included a location onsite for the ceremony as well.  They even could work out our special request to have craft beer at the reception.  Tonight we went to sign the papers to finalize the booking.  

What a sigh of relief, not just that the location is booked, but that we can actually say we are engaged and talk openly about the secret we have been keeping for the past couple months.  It has been very stressful and busy with all the things going on in life, hence why my knitting hasn’t been flying off the needles.  I have wanted to get on my second project, but I have hardly had time to finish Dave’s hat that I started months ago.  I feel like winter will be over before I have that second project up and out the door.  That’s okay though, I’m not going to push myself into a crazy frenzy, or Dave will end up with a fiance far more nuttier than she already is.  I want to focus on enjoying this year of change, because there will be lots of it and I still have a couple things up my sleeve that are in the works.  More to come on those later.

We celebrated with beer and red hots at Portside Pub, a new craft beer pub in Gastown.  
We celebrated with beer and red hots at Portside Pub, a new craft beer pub in Gastown.  

Family Day Weekend

BC is enjoying its first Family Day weekend.  This has been a real challenge for me, as I’m not used to having a break in the middle of winter and I feel like I’m not taking full advantage of it.  Dave and I decided to stick around and hang out with friends rather than go anywhere or do anything big, such as ski or go down to Seattle.  It kind of feels like a regular weekend, only longer. 

We have tried out some new restaurants (as usual) and hung out at my house, cooking and watching some of our favourite shows.  Today I caught up with one of my biggest knitting fan. my sister Bre, over Skype and now I’m having coffee with a friend, trying to get inspired to create my next pattern.  I have the yarn and the idea in my head, but something hasn’t quite come together to get me started on the writing the pattern or knitting up samples.  The design is in my mind, but how to make it happen is still a little up in the air.

What I do have is some really yummy Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton.  It is so soft and I love the colours (see above).  This is what I love about knitting.  There is so much freedom and learning in it and you usually come out with something beautiful…usually.  What will these colours become, I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’m looking forward to the creative process.

For now though, here is a little list of some of my favourite moments from the weekend:

1. Dinner at a new sushi place on Main Street called General Public (sister restaurant to The Eatery) with some good friends Trudy and Matthew.  KFC Roll anyone?

2. Learning to play Ticket to Ride.  FINALLY!  

3. Seeing Justin Timberlake bring sexy back on the Grammy’s.  

4. Catching up with several friends over coffee and brunch.

5. Beer and fatty food at The Bimini with Dave on Friday night.

What were the highlights of your weekend?

This week doesn’t stop!

Hey everyone, I can’t believe a week has passed since my last post.  I feel like life hasn’t really slowed down since last Friday.  Along with hanging out with friends and work, I took a butchery class as part of my 8 classes at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Art.  As you can see I did an okay job, but, man, it is hard to get bones out of meat!

On Sunday morning, before the sun came up, I was half way to Whistler to finish my ski lessons.  I got paired with the instructor I had three weeks ago and we had a great day of skiing, finishing on green runs.  I even got the nickname Speedy, as I was the fastest in my group.  (I’m pretty sure my mom is not surprised by this.)  The second day was much, much harder as my body and mind was a lot more tired and I had a harder time focusing on nailing down better technique.  I needed it, since I was still falling a fair bit, but my brain seemed to be telling me I had had enough by the end of Monday.  I can now say I’m a skier though and I hope to get out once more this season.

Now I’m back in the city and going to see Muse and Band of Skulls tonight at Rogers Arena with Dave.  Going to be tired tomorrow.  The long weekend can’t come soon enough!  I hope this weekend I will finally get some time to work on my knitting projects, since they have been quite sidelined the past week.

Have a great Family Day weekend all my BC friends!