This week doesn’t stop!

Hey everyone, I can’t believe a week has passed since my last post.  I feel like life hasn’t really slowed down since last Friday.  Along with hanging out with friends and work, I took a butchery class as part of my 8 classes at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Art.  As you can see I did an okay job, but, man, it is hard to get bones out of meat!

On Sunday morning, before the sun came up, I was half way to Whistler to finish my ski lessons.  I got paired with the instructor I had three weeks ago and we had a great day of skiing, finishing on green runs.  I even got the nickname Speedy, as I was the fastest in my group.  (I’m pretty sure my mom is not surprised by this.)  The second day was much, much harder as my body and mind was a lot more tired and I had a harder time focusing on nailing down better technique.  I needed it, since I was still falling a fair bit, but my brain seemed to be telling me I had had enough by the end of Monday.  I can now say I’m a skier though and I hope to get out once more this season.

Now I’m back in the city and going to see Muse and Band of Skulls tonight at Rogers Arena with Dave.  Going to be tired tomorrow.  The long weekend can’t come soon enough!  I hope this weekend I will finally get some time to work on my knitting projects, since they have been quite sidelined the past week.

Have a great Family Day weekend all my BC friends!


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