Family Day Weekend

BC is enjoying its first Family Day weekend.  This has been a real challenge for me, as I’m not used to having a break in the middle of winter and I feel like I’m not taking full advantage of it.  Dave and I decided to stick around and hang out with friends rather than go anywhere or do anything big, such as ski or go down to Seattle.  It kind of feels like a regular weekend, only longer. 

We have tried out some new restaurants (as usual) and hung out at my house, cooking and watching some of our favourite shows.  Today I caught up with one of my biggest knitting fan. my sister Bre, over Skype and now I’m having coffee with a friend, trying to get inspired to create my next pattern.  I have the yarn and the idea in my head, but something hasn’t quite come together to get me started on the writing the pattern or knitting up samples.  The design is in my mind, but how to make it happen is still a little up in the air.

What I do have is some really yummy Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton.  It is so soft and I love the colours (see above).  This is what I love about knitting.  There is so much freedom and learning in it and you usually come out with something beautiful…usually.  What will these colours become, I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’m looking forward to the creative process.

For now though, here is a little list of some of my favourite moments from the weekend:

1. Dinner at a new sushi place on Main Street called General Public (sister restaurant to The Eatery) with some good friends Trudy and Matthew.  KFC Roll anyone?

2. Learning to play Ticket to Ride.  FINALLY!  

3. Seeing Justin Timberlake bring sexy back on the Grammy’s.  

4. Catching up with several friends over coffee and brunch.

5. Beer and fatty food at The Bimini with Dave on Friday night.

What were the highlights of your weekend?


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