Sigh of Relief

This past weekend included a big surprise for me.  I got engaged!  I knew this was coming, but I didn’t think it would happen for at least another month.  So when Dave sent me off on a treasure hunt across the city, I knew what was going to be at the end.

Dave and I had been seriously discussing getting married since December and had set a date on New Years Eve.  We started looking for venues in January.  I was in a bit of a panic with Valentine’s Day coming and the tight timeframe that we had to work with to book a date that worked for all our immediate family in Ontario to come to Vancouver for a wedding.  We basically had one weekend in the entire summer to get something down and the Saturday was booked at almost every place we checked.  We did manage to find a place that was perfect for the small wedding we wanted and it included a location onsite for the ceremony as well.  They even could work out our special request to have craft beer at the reception.  Tonight we went to sign the papers to finalize the booking.  

What a sigh of relief, not just that the location is booked, but that we can actually say we are engaged and talk openly about the secret we have been keeping for the past couple months.  It has been very stressful and busy with all the things going on in life, hence why my knitting hasn’t been flying off the needles.  I have wanted to get on my second project, but I have hardly had time to finish Dave’s hat that I started months ago.  I feel like winter will be over before I have that second project up and out the door.  That’s okay though, I’m not going to push myself into a crazy frenzy, or Dave will end up with a fiance far more nuttier than she already is.  I want to focus on enjoying this year of change, because there will be lots of it and I still have a couple things up my sleeve that are in the works.  More to come on those later.

We celebrated with beer and red hots at Portside Pub, a new craft beer pub in Gastown.  
We celebrated with beer and red hots at Portside Pub, a new craft beer pub in Gastown.  

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