Plucky Whaaat?

I have been a fan of The Plucky Knitter‘s yarn for probably a year, but it has been incredibly hard to buy as they only sell online and they are constantly sold out.  They do a couple releases of hundreds of skeins a month, but they sell out in a couple hours and the sales start at about 6am Pacific Time, so usually I’m still sleeping or getting ready for work.

However in January, I saw a new colour release called Message in a Bottle and it blew my mind!  (See above picture.)  So I made a point of getting up early and ordering some during the next sale.  The first one I saw I plucked it up (pun intended), not realizing that the image I was looking at, which was a fingering weight, was not actually what I was buying. I ended up with a bulky weight yarn (see below) and the colour is completely different when direct light is on it.  The listing for Bulky was in the text and I completely missed it.

I figured out my mistake about the fingering/bulky error, but wish they had not had an image that didn’t truly represent the weight being sold, but I had no idea the yarn would look so purple when I received it.  I was going to send a picture in to let them know my disappointment at how far the colour was from the advertised one online.  Dave stood over me shining a bright light on it so that the colour wouldn’t be shadowy in my basement and, voila!, it was suddenly green!  The light changed everything.  I did get what I paid for, it just doesn’t look like it in my basement apartment.

This isn’t the first time I have ordered something online and been surprised by the colour difference.  It really makes me hesitate about buying online in the future, but sometimes the colours just looks so pretty!  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for colour.

Do you have an online purchase surprise/horror story?


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