Support Local

One thing Dave and I have been conscious of while planning our wedding is trying  to keep things local.  We aren’t big box store fans and rarely shop at them.  We figure there are so many great independent business owners that have such amazing quality items, there isn’t any need to go anywhere else but down the street…literally down Main Street.

My dress is from Frocks, which used to be 2 blocks from my house on Main Street until a couple months ago when they moved over to the next major street, Fraser.  Our florist is Flower Factory which is five blocks from my house on Main Street.  The last two years in a row they have won the award for Best Wedding Florist in BC.  They are amazing and will be worth every penny.  Here is a sample of a bridal bouquet they did that is gorgeous.  Mine will be something similar and I just can’t wait to see it.

Our photographers, The Nickersons, are also located pretty close by.  I know you usually get a photographer who lives in your city, but I feel like we got a team that are just as excited about our wedding as we are and I can’t wait to see the results.  If you want to see some beautiful photography check them out.  Amazballs!

Really?  How can our wedding still be 5 months away!  Hurray up year, let’s go!


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