My Faux Leather Jacket

I have been wanting a leather jacket for, well, a long time.  However, I have never found a good enough deal or one that looks right.  Then I found this, the Nyx Cardigan by Hilary Smith Callis, a.k.a. The Yarnaid, and it’s as close to a style of leather jacket I would want, but it’s KNIT!  It almost looks a little bit like a motorcycle jacket.  Ooh, I’ll look so tough!  Lookout hipsters…I’m about to fit in!

I think with all the wedding planning, if I started this in the next month it might be done by the Fall.  I’m heading down to Portland with some friends on Easter weekend and I’m really excited to visit Happy Knits.  It is supposed to be a fantastic yarn store and from the pictures I’ve seen, I’m sure I will find the perfect colour for this cardigan.  Maybe gray, or a dark red or brown.  What do you think?


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