The Perfect Grey

What city has two yarn stores a block from each other?  Portland!  Yarn Garden and Happy Knits are literally within viewing distance from each other on Hawthorne Street and I managed to convince my lovely friend Shannon, and somewhat new knitter, to come and check them both out with me while her husband, Brian, and Dave went to Target to look for clothes. 

Both stores had a wide selection and it was no problem finding yarn that I could use for my Nyx Cardigan that I mentioned in the post The Faux Leather Jacket.  I wasn’t asking for much, just a deep grey, alpaca, worsted weight yarn.  Okay, maybe that is a bit of a tall order, especially since we are coming into spring and grey isn’t exactly a hot colour when the cherry blossoms are coming out strong in Vancouver.  But I found exactly what I needed at Yarn Garden and you can see the sample above, a Cascade Eco Alpaca in Charcoal.  It is a very soft and flexible yarn, so I think I’m going to have to knit it a size smaller as it will likely stretch pretty good.  

I’m excited to get it started along with another pattern I picked up some delicious purple yarn in. More details on that one later. I’m so excited it is Saturday and I have no plans.  Time to get my knit on! Hope you are doing some happy knitting yourselves and are having a great weekend!


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