Good Reads

Isn’t it always the way it goes when you put a hold on books at the library and they all come in at the same time?  I had five books on hold, some for several months, some just a week, and they all arrived within two weeks.  Seriously, doesn’t the library know how busy I am right now? 

I picked up all the books but certainly had to prioritize reading them and sadly The Thirteen Tale, which I had been thinking about reading for a couple years now, had to go back unread (for now).

One of the ones that I did read was call The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.  Despite the title being ridiculously long, it was a great read.  Think of a Forrest Gump character who lives to be 100 and is an explosive’s expert.  Living through the 20th Century was a time when that would come in handy, from World Wars, to Communism, to the Spanish Revolution and the nuclear arms race.  They revert between his 100 years of living plus his present day escape from the Old Folk’s Home.  It was a lighthearted read that was full of accidental good fortune and ridiculous coincidences.  

I know I don’t talk much about books on my blog, but this one is a fun read that most people would enjoy so I’m happy to recommend it.


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