Love List #1

There are many things I’m loving right now and I thought I would share them with you.  Perhaps you have been loving some of them too… 

1. Long Winter Farm‘s Rosemary Litsea

I love rosemary, so when I saw this lip balm I knew I would be in love.  It didn’t disappoint; it is gorgeous smelling and goes on smooth.  This company has some really fun flavours including Strawberry Jam and Unicorn Farts.  Who could pass up the smell of a unicorn’s fart.  I hear they are magical.


2. Walks in my new neighbourhood

I realize I don’t really live too far from where I was before, seven blocks actually, but this location lends itself to a bit more walking to get groceries or to the chiropractors or to the coffee shop.  Everything before was within 2 blocks (lucky me).  Good thing is I am getting more exercise by walking.  I have been a bit lazy when it comes to getting to the gym or going for runs, though I have also been hectic busy and now have a cold, so motivation escapes me, but walking is always a great option when I’m low on energy…unless it is to get dessert, which it was tonight.  On these walks, I love seeing all the different flowers in Vancouver.  I have lived here for over four years now and I am still seeing flowers I have never seen before.  The picture above are ones from outside my building.

3. Puzzles

Dave and I have had an itch to do puzzles lately.  It might have to do with the lack of TV.  We finished up one pretty quickly and did a late night run (8:30pm) to Toy’s-R-Us to get another one.  You won’t believe what I found.  There were only about ten puzzles, but as soon as I saw the Knitter’s Delight, I knew we couldn’t pass it up.  Dave even understood that there would be no avoiding this one.  It is only 1000 pieces and but it is hard!  So many colours with the same stripy lines on them  I think this one is going to take a while, which means lots of Songza and tea.


4. My New Butter Dish

I have been wanting a butter dish for a while now and I have been searching Etsy to find the perfect one.  It needed to have a handle, be a neutral colour to match anything and just generally be delightful to look at.  I found this one from Back Bay Pottery (along with several other items that I like) and it fit my needs to a T.  I had soft lovely butter from it last night on my bread.  It’s so wonderful to have soft butter ready and waiting for you, instead of rock hard butter that comes straight from the fridge.  Gone are my days of margarine, here’s to the real stuff! 


Unpacked and Itching to Renovate

I have almost officially lived in my new home for a week now and it is wonderful.  There is so much space and light I get giddy at the thought!  The move went really well, albeit a lot of work, but we had lots of friends who showed their support and worked up a good sweat moving boxes and furniture. Amazingly, everything was unpacked and in its place on Saturday night.  Dave and I were done so early we pulled out a puzzle to do together on the floor.  I decided not to hook the cable up when I moved in to save money for a trip next year, so I’m learning to deal with the quietness and a puzzle is something that relaxes me as I can plug away at it while listening to music or podcasts.  However, I will miss the sound of a TV in the background, it can be comforting and can fill gaps in time…though sometimes it has a tendency to fill up too much time.  

Flowers from my co-workers garden.
Flowers from my co-workers garden.

It’s hard to think about the wedding plans coming up when all I can think about are little renos I want to do around the condo and furniture that it would be nice to have.  But that will come with time and I’ll get a better sense of what I want after living here for a bit.  Tomorrow Dave and I are going to finish cleaning my old apartment (finally!) and give my keys back, then we are off to Canadian Tire to look for a BBQ and some little fix it things for the new place.  If we have time after that we’ll start looking for wedding bands.  It’s going to be a full day, but productive, and if you know me, I like a good productive day.  But for now, I’m going to chill out and relax with a book and catch up on some knitting (I’m almost done all the bunting, hooray!)  Hopefully I’ll be able to get into doing more regular updates on here now that the move has finished and there is a bit of a lull before wedding chaos.

I guess you’ll find out.


Packing and Knitting

I’m getting ready to move on Friday/Saturday and realizing I don’t have much stuff to move.  I did a good purge a couple weeks ago and I’m slowly packing up my place…slowly.  I have an old friend visiting me from Taiwan tomorrow, so I’m trying to keep things a little bit in order and, of course, I want to keep my knitting close at hand and not all packed away.  Not looking forward to thinking about packing my kitchen.  Maybe that comment about not having much will poof in the air in the face of reality.

For now though, how about a little sneak peak at the bunting I have been knitting up for our wedding decorations?

I have been knitting these for the past month.  They are quick and mindless and they pack in my purse perfectly.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of the pictures of them in place on our wedding day though  I haven’t quite figured out how I’m connecting them yet.  The good thing is I still have about 82 days to figure it out! 

Know, should I start packing some of my kitchen or knit?  I’ll let you guess my choice!