Packing and Knitting

I’m getting ready to move on Friday/Saturday and realizing I don’t have much stuff to move.  I did a good purge a couple weeks ago and I’m slowly packing up my place…slowly.  I have an old friend visiting me from Taiwan tomorrow, so I’m trying to keep things a little bit in order and, of course, I want to keep my knitting close at hand and not all packed away.  Not looking forward to thinking about packing my kitchen.  Maybe that comment about not having much will poof in the air in the face of reality.

For now though, how about a little sneak peak at the bunting I have been knitting up for our wedding decorations?

I have been knitting these for the past month.  They are quick and mindless and they pack in my purse perfectly.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of the pictures of them in place on our wedding day though  I haven’t quite figured out how I’m connecting them yet.  The good thing is I still have about 82 days to figure it out! 

Know, should I start packing some of my kitchen or knit?  I’ll let you guess my choice!


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