A Little Everyday…

Dave and I have been working on things a little at a time for the wedding and the condo.  And even though it is a lot of work, things are going really well and we are still managing to enjoy the summer with all its BBQs, parties and beach activity.  In fact, I’m sitting at Bean Around the World sipping on a blended latte while the breeze blows through the open wall window.  (Vancouver has so many places where the walls completely open up to let the air in.) Just what I need after a busy weekend and a busy week to come. 

Some of our accomplishments this past week:

1. Washing and laying out all the bunting to shape and dry.  They looked so pretty all laid out.  Next, I need to figure out how to link them in an attractive way and if I’m short on any colours.

2. Fixes around the condo.  While I have been doing more of the running around for the wedding, Dave and been doing some upgrades on the condo that involve more patience than I have.  He put up towel hooks in the ensuite bathroom, fixed the master bedroom door, which wouldn’t close, and put in shelving in the storage room.  It makes such a huge difference to have everything up and off the floor.  So much more organized and so much more space.  It feels great to be able to do something like this ourselves.  It was a reinforcement of how we work together, or maybe better, apart.  Basically, I assign Dave a task and then stay out of his hair until it’s done or I’m asked to help.  It might take Dave a while to do something, but I know that it is going to be done with care and precision.  

3. Patio upgrade. We also found a great deal on a little patio set at London Drugs and set it up outside.  I won’t post a picture of that until we get a BBQ in place, which we are working on as well, but I did have a lovely sit outside today while I worked on Donald Millar’s Storyline for my small group study and did the laundry.   I’m sure I will write more on Storyline later.  It is an amazing, motivating, life changing activity.

4. Neighbourhood discoveries.  Dave and I discovered a great 24-hour variety store two blocks from the condo.  You would not believe the number of beverage options!  I was looking for a kombucha beverage to help with digestion, after my friend and holistic nutritionist, Heather, turned me on to it.  I found them here in a variety of flavours along with about a dozen different root beers, yerba mate tea drinks, etc.  It just went on and on, fridge after fridge.  I’ll definitely be stopping in here when I want a specialty drink.

This week we organized many other things, including a beautiful surprise we will be having at our Bothwell reception, booking Christmas flights (let’s not even talk about the price!), catching up with my sister in Germany, and finding out news of a good friend’s exciting journey to begin in September. 

Much is going on and I’ll be updating again soon!  Enjoy your Monday, I hope it is a sunny one like here in beautiful Vancouver, BC.



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