Love List #2

Here are some things I have been loving in July. 

1. Fresh berries! 

This is my favourite time of year at the Farmer’s Market.  I have to go in with a budget or I’ll end up spending $20 on berries in one go.  I’m starting to freeze berries for smoothies and ended up making a delicious smoothie tonight with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, banana and avocado.  I added a little vanilla protein, almond coconut milk and some water.  Yeah, it was a bit of a mash up of items, but it tasted great!  

I’m also improving my pie making skills.  A tip for beginners, don’t start with raspberries! They are a difficult berry to get right and I’ve had some delicious, but runny pies.   I’ve heard nectarines are a good starter, so might give that a go.

2. Masterchef Australia

I love cooking shows, so when I was caught up with the American Masterchef, I realized there was an Australian version and it is much, much better.  No cat fighting, better challenges, interesting new foods, kinder judges and they don’t repeat the last minute of pre-commercial footage when they come back from a commercial break!  Whoot, whoot! Oh, and it’s on 5 nights a week, so I have a lot of catching up to do.  Dave is always amazed at how much I can fit in each night, but I’m a pretty amazing, little multi-tasker.  This is also a great connection to my Aussie friends, as some of them are fans too, and we can chat about what is going on.

3. Summer in Vancouver

The summer weather in Vancouver makes up for the rain the entire rest of the year.  Low humidity, mid-20s, and sunny everyday.  Perfect for patio sitting, frappachino sipping, beach lounging and outdoor runs.  Every night I want to go to a cafe, or a restaurant and hang out with friends, Dave or just on my own to read a book or knit.  I think those little breaks are what is keeping me sane while I’m wedding planning.  We are getting so close, and there are lots of things to do, but no stress has befallen me yet.  Things seem to be coming along well.  It doesn’t hurt that I can sit and send emails, organize guest lists or call my mom while the sun streams into the condo through the big front window with the breeze coming in the patio door.  I love this place!



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