Christmas Is Coming…Eventually

The bunting from our dessert table.  I'm going to use the white and add some red and green to add some Christmas feel to our fireplace. Photocredit: The Nickersons
The bunting from our dessert table.  I’m going to use the white and add some red and green to add some Christmas feel to our fireplace. Photocredit: The Nickersons

I have been a little stressed about Christmas.  It is the first one in our new place and I want to have it feel like Christmas at home, but we currently have no tree and very minimal decorations up.  I was hoping for more of a Christmas threw up in our condo feel. (Dave doesn’t really share this desire.)  

I was hoping we could pick up a real Christmas tree last weekend.  We are going home to Ontario on the 21st, which doesn’t leave us a lot of time to enjoy it and I’m hoping it doesn’t completely die while we are away, so we can enjoy it over New Years.  I was hoping to go Sunday to a christmas tree farm and start a new tradition with Dave, but we had some last minute changes to our day and ended up having to do several things around the condo, we did, however, pick up a tree stand.  

I am knitting up some red and green bunting to hang in front of the fireplace.  It is the same knitted pattern as the ones we used for our wedding, so I am reusing the white ones and just doing up some new red and green triangles.  Hopefully I can have them up by the end of the weekend.  It needs to look more like Christmas around here!

There are also some great Christmas craft shows coming up including Make It!, which is this weekend, and Got Craft two weeks after.  Hopefully I can pick up a couple things to spruce up our place.  And tonight we are going to get our tree, finally, at a tree lot.  Better than nothing I suppose.  Should make for a fun date night as we can hang out with the fireplace on, decorate and listen to Christmas music.  Now I just need traffic to start flowing so Dave can get home from work sometime tonight.


Bulky Mobius Cowl

Another quick one flying off the needles!   I learned a new cast on technique with this knit called the mobius cast on.  It certainly tried my patience, even caused me to ‘take a breather’ to get my self cooled down after my third cast on still didn’t work the way I wanted it to.  Thankfully, on the fourth try I got the right number of stitches and the cast-on right.

Pattern: Mobius Cowl by Haley Waxberg 

Yarn:  Adrienne Vittadini Mia

Colour: Dusty Pink and White (2 skeins)

Needles: US 13 or 9mm

Knit For: Living Waters Auction

This was a quick knit once I got it going.  Probably took me about three hours to complete.  The yarn was lovingly donated by my sister who unloaded some of her yarn on me when I was in Germany last year.  Thank you Bre!  It’s a lovely piece made of wool and it sits really well without a lot of fuss.  I would definitely recommend this as an item to knit if you want a quick cowl.

Dinner Party Success

Last night Dave and I broke in the new table and chairs with our first dinner party.  We have been talking about this since before we even bought the condo.  But first we knew we wanted to get settled in and have a proper table and chairs to serve people at and better living room furniture so people could sit comfortably after the meal.  Well, all our furniture arrived a couple weeks ago and we wasted no time getting a dinner organized.  

Our first guests were our Pastor, Dan, and his wife Caryn, whom we have known for over 4 years now, as well as our friends Brian and Shannon. Brian was very helpful with all the design work (invites, menus, etc.) for our wedding.  This was a little thank you dinner for all their hard work and it went smashingly. 

On the menu:

Main: Sage and prosciutto wrapped chicken, salad with a honey-maple dressing (both from Keys to the Kitchen) and maple roasted Kabocha squash (Looney Spoons Collection).

Bread: Walnut rosemary sea salt (from Pure Bread)

I totally forgot to get a picture before we started eating, but I think you get the idea.

Dessert: Cranberry-Apple Custard Pie (Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook…more on this one soon)

I can’t tell you how delicious this dessert was.  I had never made a vanilla custard before, but it turned out amazing.  And I think I managed the best pie crust I have ever made.  It was light and flakey.  Oh, I could have ate this all day!  

Graciously, our guests left us two pieces to finish off today.

It was a really fun night and dinner went off without a hitch.  The only disappointment was that our plan to sleep in the next day was ruined by the fire alarm going off at 7am, pulling the whole building out of their slumber and on to the cold street.  What a wake up!