Ten New Things 2013 – 2


6. Getting married – Aug 25, 2013

Arguably the best day of my life.  I seriously could not have imagined a better day for our wedding.  We had a great time and our friends and family had a great time.   The food and drink were delicious, the weather was wonderful and the setting perfect. Growing up, I never had a clue what I wanted my wedding to look like and I was sure I would be really indecisive about the whole thing up until the end.  But once we were engaged, I couldn’t have had a clearer sense of what I wanted. And everything we hoped to have to make the wedding unique was do-able, including bringing in craft beer, having a gift card toss instead of a bouquet toss and having the photographers I had been eyeing up for the past year (The Nickersons).  Now four months have past and things are going really well.  Dave and I seem like two peas in a pod.

7. Adult furniture and decorating our own place

I have never had a home of my own to decorate, I mean paint the walls, put up shelves, renovate bathrooms, etc.  And suddenly, Dave and I have that.  We waited until after we were married and living together to do make any changes to our place.  We picked out furniture (not from Ikea!) and have put up shelves and have future plans to redo the bathroom, change light fixtures, etc.  It really feels great to come home to a space that we have purposefully designed to our liking.  It may sound basic, but we even painted a wall, and I have never painted a wall.  Such a minor thing, but it made a noticeable difference.  It’s exciting to think of the things that we can do in the next couple years to continue to make this space our nest of relaxation and comfort and to make it a place for friend and family to come and stay.  I’m happy to show it off the work we have done and the thought and effort we put into it.  Here are a couple pictures from our living room area.

8. Buying our first Christmas tree

Growing up on a Christmas tree farm, I’ve never had to buy a tree, let alone go and pick one out.  Dad always used to cut our family tree in November and it appeared on the back porch for us to bring inside and set up.  This year, Dave and I went and picked our own.  It was fun to do, allowed us to practice teamwork (we survived!) and Dave ended up taking the lead with the decorating!  Who knew he would enjoy it so much.  It looks and smells great!  Plantation fir, you are serving us well.

9. Playing Rockband

Can you believe I have never played it?  Amazing, I know.  I mean, they don’t even make the game anymore.  I mustered up the courage at our work Christmas party and got on the drums.  (I always wanted to play the drums.) Didn’t do really great, but it was fun having people cheer me on and I seriously wanted to keep going so I could get better. Alas, I’ll probably never play again.

10. Making cinnamon buns with my sister

Bre and I have rarely cooked anything together.  Growing up mom did the cooking and we stayed out of the kitchen unless it was time to clean up after dinner.  And with Bre living in Germany it means even fewer chances that we would end up in the kitchen together, but this Christmas we did.  I had never made cinnamon buns before, but Bre had made them a few times from the Looney Spoons cookbook (of course).  So we made them.  There have been very, very few times that I have made bread, perhaps the first was in my bread making class back at the start of the year.  Yeast scares me a little. The buns turned out great and we worked well in the kitchen together without fighting once…and we can fight.  Maybe with getting older the fight has left us and the patience for each other is setting in.

It has been a wonderful year with some of the biggest changes of my life.  I can’t wait for the new things to come in 2014 including a trip to Australia that is sure to rack up several firsts, including cooking lamb and perhaps a trip to a 2-3 hatted restaurant while we are there.  It will be another gastronomic adventure with some beautiful sites and friends along the way.  I can’t wait for 2014 to start!

PS – A new camera is soon on it’s way.  Can you tell I need something better than my phone!?!


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