Raspberry, pineapple cheesecake at Lola Rosa.
Raspberry, pineapple cheesecake at Lola Rosa.

It has been a busy, somewhat unexpected month.  I couple weeks ago, I found out last minute that I was needed in Montreal for work.  Well I wasn’t about to turn that down.  I love flying and it had been a couple years since I have been in Montreal.  It was time to go back, even if it was the dead of winter.

While the work was intense, tiring, but very gratifying, my coworker from Toronto and I had a great time and shared some really delicious meals. Each night I would crawl back to the Hilton Bonaventure after a long day of work, a filling three course meal, and a walk through the crisp winter air, all to collapse in my bed before doing it all again the next day.  By the time I landed back in Vancouver on Friday, I was in need of some serious sleep.

Trip Advisor is my best travel guide these days.  My last trip to Montreal ended with me wandering around on my own for an hour looking for a place to eat before ending up at a burger joint for dinner.  This trip was completely different.  Each day we checked out Trip Advisor for the best restaurants and we ate at three amazing places: Holder, in Old Montreal, Lola Rosa, a vegetarian place by the University, and Grenadine in the heart of downtown.   

Roasted quail, celery root puree, with a maple and chipotle sauce at Grenadine
Roasted quail, celery root puree, with a maple and chipotle sauce at Grenadine

On the last night, as we walked back to the hotel, we happened upon Montreal en Lumiere, a street festival of lights.  I wish I had a better camera with me to show better pictures, but this is what i could get with my iPhone.  It was really fun, and dazzling.

I’m back in Vancouver now and continuing the work that was started in Montreal.  We are rolling out a new system and I’m the training and support lead for our team of 30.  It has been a tiring week and I can’t wait for the weekend to relax, spend some time with Dave, and get some knitting and cooking in.  Hope you all have a great weekend too!


Babies, Babies, Babies

As I write this my sister is about to have her first baby.  She could be in labour for all I know, but she is far off in Germany, so I can’t be sure.  What I can be sure of is that those German doctors are going to be efficient and will work hard to do what they need to do so she has a safe delivery.  The Germans are good at everything.  (Or so my brother-in-law says!)

It seems that I am going through another phase of friends having babies, and I’m very excited for them as it is the first child for many. It is the perfect excuse to make baby knits, which I love making, since they are fast, adorable and I can still be challenged by them, but I don’t have to be concerned about gauge, cause I know if it is a little big, they will grow into it at some point.  You can’t do that with adults.  Or at least you certainly don’t want them to ‘fill out’ so they can fit into something you knit them.  They’ll be blaming your knitwear for their bad health, and I can’t have that on my hands.  

My Ravelry account has so many baby items favourited, so I am really excited to check some off my list.  Here is the first one I’m doing, which is for my sister.

This is Campfire by Tin Can Knits.  She is a local Vancouver designer and she has so many great baby/toddler clothes.  She is also the popular designer of this pattern called Gramps, that I also want to do some day.

This one even has little elbow patches.  So cute. 

I’m sure I’ll be posting my finished knits as I go.  Still finishing up the second arm sleeve for the Campfire pattern, but it’s underway.  And with the Olympics on, it is the perfect excuse to sit in front of the TV and knit away, while cheering on Canada of course).

Happy knitting and Olympic watching!