Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Last week I had some vastly different meals.  The first was some ‘gourmet’ grilled cheese (or girl cheese as I always called it growing up).  Dave always makes it for us and he gets better and better each time.  You can tell by the nicely stacked pieces and the splash of ketchup across the plate…I think he has been watching too much Masterchef with me!

We also went to CinCin on Friday night.  We had some gift cards from Christmas and the wedding and it was time to use them up.  We had a great dinner with wonderful service.  I had ravioli of ricotta and parmesan with Burgundy truffle, truffle boschetto, roasted hazelnuts and parsley.  It was the best pasta I can remember.  And it was the first time I think I have really had truffle sliced upon something.  There are lots of truffle oils out there (many fake), but this was the real deal.  And it tasted pretty good.

Dessert speaks for itself:

 It was a chocolate mousse with caramelized pears and a pear jam.  Yum!

While we have had some nice eats, we have also been saving up for our Australia trip like mad. We really want to be able to enjoy the food down there, so we have been eating lots of toast, cereal, eggs and grilled cheese the past several months to save our nickels.  We’re almost there. This will probably be my last post until we return at the end of April.  So I will say adieu to you and you and you.


Taking Action

Wow, have you ever seen a group of men this sexy? 

I don’t normally, okay ever, write about political stuff, but I have a strong leaning towards what the government is amending right now.  Canada’s prostitution laws are very outdated.  They use the term bawdy house in our laws for Pete’s sake!  This year that is all going to change.  Canada is looking for your opinion on how to change these laws.  Hopefully they will come out protecting woman and children and criminalizing those who keep this profession in demand.  

I have always had a heart for woman on the street and the hidden, or not hidden, children in this profession.  I’m so sensitive to sexual violence that I can’t about read about it or watch documentaries, movies or TV without repercussions on my emotions and dreams.  Did you know the average age of a person going into prostitution is 13.  The AVERAGE!  If you think about that even for a minute, you can think of a child you know who is hopefully safe from that reality.  Now think of those who aren’t.  If that doesn’t get your blood boiling or the tears welling up in your eyes, I don’t know what will.

Until TOMORROW, March 12, you can write your comments on the government of Canada’s site, where you can share your opinion about how we can save vulnerable woman and children from a life that is unimaginably horrifying and degrading on a day to day basis.  Canada wants your feedback.  

Personally, I want us to implement the Nordic Model.  Criminalizing those who use prostitutes for sex or profit, and helping create programs for woman and children to integrate safely back into healthy lives in society.  It has been a big success in Scandinavian countries and has reduced their number of child and adult prostitution significantly.  Canada can do this too!  It is proven that legalizing prostitution only brings more demand, higher crime rates and more trafficking of humans like you and me.  It’s proven.

Go please take a minute to go to this site and click Expand All.  Fill in one or all of the questions and send it off with the tap of a button.  http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/cons/curr-cours/proscons-conspros/

If bawdy house is a term that was used the last time we changed these laws, think of how long it might be until we do it again.  Do it now!