CSA – Inner City Farms

Le Marché St. George
Le Marché St. George

Car Free Day on Main Street was last weekend, and as Dave and I wondered the streets we stopped at a booth for a local CSA.  If you aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  You put down a large deposit at the start of the growing season and you either pick up or have delivered a box of vegetables each week.  Dave and I had been thinking about this for a couple years now and had signed up for one two summers ago, but it was cancelled at the last moment due to issues unforeseen with the organization we were going with.

We were looking for a CSA with a local pick-up spot that would cost about $25/week and found Inner City Farms at a booth on Car Free Day.  They CSA uses people’s yards and public spaces in Vancouver to grow vegetables and you pick up your weekly haul at Le Marché St. George, which is only 10 blocks from our condo.  It’s a beautiful little neighbourhood gem, that is a coffee shop/market in the front and pop-up shops in their back room.  They also have a backyard that they use for events and for the Inner City Farm pick-up location.

The place was filled with people having coffee at sidewalk tables and sitting in the backyard, playing music and visiting.  I can’t say I have seen many places the have as much community truly joined for no other reason than to enjoy each others company on a sunny day.

There were tables set up with the first pick-up items and the signs included the neighbourhood in Vancouver were they were grown.  It’s about as local as you can get.  We picked up Romaine lettuce, garlic scapes, radishes, kale and frisee (another kind of green).  It was all so amazingly fresh.

Once we got home, I spent an hour washing, drying and chopping the vegetables.  We now have more salad than we know what to do with! I had never bought or used radishes, so we cut them up thinly and added them to the salad and I made a garlic scape and radish dressing (sugar-free) with the rest.  It all tasted great with dinner…and it will taste great tonight, and tomorrow and Wednesday…  We are going to get more than our daily dose of veggies this week before we head out to Ontario.  I’ll be darned if we waste any of it!

Tonight I’m making kale chips as a snack.  I’m really looking forward to our next pick up and seeing how the weeks change the products we will be getting.  I’m also really looking forward to learning new recipes, eating more veggies through the week and learning how to store them.  Should be a fun summer of adventurous eating!


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