Friday Night Farnia

Friday night and boy did I need the weekend.  It was a long day at work, but I had pizza and ice cream to look forward to.  Dave and I had been talking about going to Pizza Farnia for a long time.  They are one of the top pizza places in the city and didn’t disappoint.  It’s just a small hole in the wall on the Downtown East Side, but it was packed and had a line up.

We got the special which had basil, zucchini, prosciutto, peppers and cheese.  It was delightful. They also had a chilli olive oil and a oregano olive oil for dipping the crust in.  Yum!

We wrapped up the night with a trip to Earnest Ice Cream.  The line was out the door but it was worth it for their Salted Caramel ice cream.  Dave got the Mint Chip.  They also have London Fog which was a close second, but it was a salty caramelly kind of night.

We found a hill to sit on at a school yard and were the envy of everyone who walked by. Seconds after this photo was taken a dog got right up in our faces.  His owner asked if it was Earnest Ice Cream, we said yes, and he said that was his dogs favourite.  Then a group of woman and kids walked by and asked us what flavours were on for the day.  They were jealous too.

I love a good Friday night date night with Dave, and what a lovely ending watching the sun go down.  Tomorrow we are off to the Galiano Wine & Beer Festival.  A tradition of fun with our friends, which starts with catching the bus at 6:50am to make the ferry on time, so off to bed I go!  I hope your weekend had as good of a start as ours.

PS – Here is a super lame attempt to look sexy with my ice cream on the hood of Dave’s Pontiac Sunfire.  Smoken!


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