Okanagan Wedding

I can’t believe we are in the last part of September.  Where did the month go?  Dave and I had been looking forward to our friend’s, Michael and Fionna’s, wedding all summer long and now it is already two weeks past.  We had a great time with Dave’s old roommates, celebrating in Vernon, but on the way we stopped for a night in Kelowna to take in the beautiful views and some wineries.  I have to thank Dave for the great pictures.  He loves our camera, and always seems to be trailing behind being a little shutterbug, but I didn’t mind this time.  Above is the view from Quail’s Gate Winery in West Kelowna.  Below is a picture of grapes on the vine at Mission Hill Family Estate.  I have only been in the Okanagan in the spring so it was really amazing to see grapes on the vine.  There were so many and we found out you can make several bottles off of just one vine.

Pinot Noir at Mission Hill Family Estate
Pinot Noir at Mission Hill Family Estate
Tasting Bar at Mission Hill Family Estate
Tasting Bar at Mission Hill Family Estate

This was one of the tasting bars at Mission Hill.  It wasn’t occupied, so this was a great photo opportunity.  You can see from this picture just how many different kinds of wine they have.  

Tasting room at Quail's Gate
Tasting room at Quail’s Gate

After Mission Hill we went to Quail’s Gate just down the road.   Both wineries are top in their field and offer amazing restaurants with beautiful views.  A little out of our price range that weekend, but we still visited the tasting rooms and pretended to be pros at wine tasting.  We learn a little bit more each time we go.  

The next day we snuck in one more winery, Summerhill Pyramid, before the wedding and is was amazing.  All their wine is organic and you can tell the difference.  The flavours are so much more distinct.  I have never had a better Riesling.  We always travel with the number of bottles we want to buy in mind, but we always end up coming home with one or two more.  This was where the extra one came from.

Next was the wedding at the bride’s parent’s house.  As you can tell the location was stunningly beautiful and the day was gorgeous.

Beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony.
Beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony.

Below is a cheesy picture of me doing a Bond impression in our friend Tim’s MG, which he brought up for the couple to drive in between the ceremony and reception.  I didn’t get to drive it, but we convoyed up and back from Vancouver with Tim, so I did get to ride in it for part of the journey and it was fun.  First time in a classic car if you can believe it.  Chalk one up for another first!

Above are some photos from the reception.  One of their friends brought a bunch of wacky outfits, hats, masks, and wigs that ended up on the dance floor.  I got the hat at one point.  Lars, in the picture beside, got a moustache, which he wore all night.  The other picture is the original five roommates from the Men of Marpole house having, the now traditional, scotch toast.

It was a great weekend and a nice getaway.  September is almost at a close, but we have a couple more highlights to look forward to before Christmas.  We’re going to see the host of This American Life, Ira Glass, this weekend.  Thanksgiving is coming up and along with that Apple Fest at UBC.  Mmmm apples.  Looking forward to Fall.

Just one more awesome shot that Dave took.  These grapes were at Gray Monk Winery.
Just one more awesome shot that Dave took.  These grapes were at Gray Monk Winery.

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