Advent Magic

Last Tango from Lear Faye
Last Tango from Lear Faye

Dave and I decided to skip church today and have a lazy Sunday, our Saturday was quite hectic, and frankly so has the whole month.  We headed over to a new brunch spot on Commercial Drive called Lear Faye.  They have really fresh brunch ideas, as you can see from the picture above.  I had the Last Tango french toast, a combination of mascarpone, ricotta, rum-soaked strawberries, with a vanilla cardamon syrup.  It was delicious!  They also had a three piece group playing Christmas songs.  It was a nice breakfast out.

This month we also received our bacon.  It had to be smoked and brined, so it took longer than the rest of the pork, but it is utterly incredible.  The best bacon I can remember experiencing. Beautiful thick cuts that taste a little naughty when you eat them, like you shouldn’t be having something this good for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner).  When we picked it up, it was in two large slabs that they cut up for us, leaving a pile of fatty end bits, which we bagged up and took home.  I chopped up the ends and added them to a stir fry we made this week, which elevated the dish to another level of deliciousness.  

It really is a whole new level of fun with this pork.  Similar to the CSA vegetable program we did this summer, I am learning to use many different parts of the pig.  I made an awesome pulled pork two weeks ago, and tonight we are having pork meatballs and spaghetti.  Believe it or not, I’ve never made meatballs!

We had another fun night with some friends playing The Farming Game.  It’s one of the few board games that I enjoy.  It’s similar to Monopoly, but you don’t start with free money. No hand outs allowed.  Any money you start with comes with a bank loan.  And every time you harvest you pick up some kind of expense.  My sister, who is a farmer, says it’s just like real life. I’ll stick to the game!  

You can also see the new picture on the wall that we got framed this month.  It is a really great image of the street layout in some of Vancouver.  Keeps our BC theme going.

Amongst all the busyness of seeing myself to the end of the month and surviving the intense month of work, I also got promoted to a manager position within my department.  I’ve been patiently (mostly) waiting 4 years for this to happen, so it really feels like an accomplishment, and an opportunity to learn new things and challenge myself in a whole new way.  But it certainly added to the busyness as I still had to finish rolling out our new systems, which launch Dec 1st. December will be a month of getting my feet under me and learning the ropes of managing.

There is something I have been looking very eagerly towards: the Holiday Countdown Beer Advent calendar!  Dave and I picked up this puppy in early November.  It is 24 days of different beer from Parallel 49 and Central City Brewing.  Two great local breweries.  Tomorrow the excitement begins!  This box has been holding us in suspense for too long.  True, Dave will be enjoying the bulk of it, but I’m going to enjoy many sips and new adventurous tastes through it too.

Bring on December, the month of friends, family (!!!), Christmas trees band good food!


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