Ten New Things 2014 – 1

This was a big year for Dave and I, but I am starting to think that every year feels like a big year.  

At Moet and Chandon in the Yarra Valley
At Moet and Chandon in the Yarra Valley

1. Going to Australia


With so many Aussies working in Vancouver, we have made many great friends.  Several have moved back to Oz, so it felt as good a time as any to go visiting.  We had a great balance of seeing people and time on our own.  I have fond memories of having an ice cream coffee in Brisbane with Megan, surfing with Ben, scary switchback driving and beautiful scenery with Christen, wine touring with Linton and an awesome morning seawalk wall to Bondi Beach and breakfast with Lex George.  So many memories I will cherish forever.  I would love to get back in the next ten years and see more.

2. Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef

This is one of those things that you dream of doing and we knew it had to be on the list of things to do in Australia. You don’t fly that far and not do the one huge thing the country is known for.  It was one of the highlights of the trip.  I think the best moment was taking a small tour out from the larger group and being able to touch the spaghetti coral.  It felt amazing!

3. Adventurous new food

Strangely I have no pictures of crocodile or wallaby, but I do have the lamington.  :)
Strangely I have no pictures of crocodile or wallaby, but I do have the lamington.  :)

Australia presented lots of new eating opportunities including crocodile with it’s crispy skin, wallaby, lamingtons, and lamb brains.  Our friends Ben and Megan also treated us to a proper Aussie BBQ full of meat and as well as to an Aussie lamb roast with the mint jelly, of course!  I really loved all of it, even the lamb brains.

4. I quit sugar!

After the gluttonous affair in Australia, it was time to clean things up.  It has been seven months of being pretty sugar free and I feel so much better for it.  I eat mostly sugar free now, which means I will have sugar a couple days a week, but at low quantities.  I have good staples in my diet that I like to go to, including sugar free desserts, because I love me some desserts.  It has pushed me to try new things and read labels all the time.  I’m still shocked at how much sugar is in things.  For example, Dave was having eggnog and the second ingredient after water was sugar!  In Eggnog!  Not cream, not milk, but sugar as the second ingredient.  Crazy.  

Overall, I have clearer skin, I workout less, and have lost 5lbs.  I’m at my happy weight and don’t have to think about it a whole lot.  I eat lots of healthy fats and I feel good.  And when I do have a sugary dessert, I don’t punish myself for having it, because it truly is a treat.

5. Ordering a vegetable CSA

We have talked about doing this for a couple years and finally found a close one that we wanted to try.  All the veggies were grown around the area in people’s yards then harvested every Sunday.  We tried some new things (Jerusalem artichokes, frisee, dragon beans) and had plenty of familiar things (potatoes, carrots, rosemary).  We never knew what we were getting, so I found it a little hard to meal plan and some things we just didn’t get through fast enough before they went bad.  Value for money, I didn’t think this was the best, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try again with a different company or system.  I think it is great to be buying produce from local groups and eat seasonally and we will continue to try.

6- 10 coming soon!



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