Ten New Things 2014 – 2

Ten new things of 2014 continued…

6. First year anniversary

At a wedding near Vernon, BC
At a wedding near Vernon, BC
Enjoying the Whitsunday Islands in Australia
Enjoying the Whitsunday Islands in Australia

Our first year was great.  Not perfect, but full of love.  We continue to learn more about each other a little at a time, and also how to be patient and work at problems.  Marriage is a constant process of moulding something to be a little more perfect.  But I feel really blessed by God to have found Dave and I remind him all the time (he does too).  We look forward to decades of more companionship.

7. Hosting our first Thanksgiving

Since arriving in Vancouver, I have always wanted to host a Thanksgiving dinner for our friends.  So now that Dave and I have a slightly bigger place, we wanted to have friends over to share a Thanksgiving meal with.  I made a great turkey and everyone brought sides or desserts.  We had 16 people over and it was lots of fun.

8. Visiting new places

Some of the new places I have been other than Australia include: Indianapolis for work (those middle Americans sure know how to have fun), I flew through Phoenix (saw the Grand Canyon from the sky on the way), returned to Auckland, New Zealand and actually went into town and not just the airport this time.  Dave and I also had a wedding in Vernon area (Okanagan) and visited new wineries.  New Years Eve we are going to Hemlock in BC for some skiing and hanging out with friends.  It’s always great to visit an area of BC that you haven’t explored.   

9. Ordering a half pig

I don’t think I have ever had so much fun with meat.  I thought I would make the same kind of pork chops over and over,  but I’ve changed it up every time and they get better and better.  The bacon has been phenomenal.  I feel like I would pay for half a pig just to get this bacon.  It is smoked and brined to perfection.  The pulled pork I made a couple months ago turned out so great that I made it Christmas day for our family.  (My first time making the main course.) It was easy to make and the house smelled great. We still have the trotters and a pork leg to cook and I’m excited to see what we can do with them.  

10. Becoming a manager

I have been with Yellow Pages for 4.5 years and in my current department for the last four.  It took a while but the time was finally right.  I worked really hard to get there and I’m sure it is going to continue to be a lot of hard work, but I’m up for the challenge of helping our team be the best it can be.


Dave and I did a beer advent calendar (I tried so many new beers!), our Bible Study group got so big that we had to split, and I helped lead that.  It was a challenging experience to go through, and I don’t want to do it again anytime soon.  I passed my first Google Certification test on AdWords.  I haven’t studied or written a test in quite a while, so that was tough on it’s own.  I also played on a baseball team that wasn’t forced on me in gym class.

It was a great year, and we have some adventures in store for next year which I’m sure you will hear about soon enough (it includes a trip to a country, nah, a continent, that I have never been to.)  See you in 2015!


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