Decadence Mittens

These mittens were a long time in the making, about four years in fact.  I started them in my first year of knitting.  Pretty ambitious huh?  I got about an inch up the first one and it was just to difficult.  It did my head in.  I couldn’t figure out how to hold two pieces of yarn at the same time and the pattern had no consistency from row to row, and of course I printed it out on a small diagram.  So literally, it gave me a headache.

The project sat in a sad little bag beside my couch for years.  Every six months I’d look to see what was in the bag and do a little “woah!”  The kind you would give if you caught your cat in a compromising position. I was going to say parents, but that warrants more than just a “woah!”.  So I’ll stick with cat.  Anyway, it surprised me and made me a little uncomfortable to see this unfinished project still unfinished.  I mean, what if I needed those needles at some point for another project (I never did).  

So just before Christmas, when my passion for knitting was waining, I decided it was time to dive back into something a little more challenging.  And you know what?  It was easy this time, and enjoyable.  I whipped these puppies up in a few weeks and I really enjoyed doing the pattern.  I was ready for it.  Challenge accepted!  Now they travel around in my purse as my new winter mitts.  Too bad it hasn’t been that cold this year, so I don’t get to wear them much.  Oh well, they still look pretty amazing.

Pattern: Decadence by SpillyJane

Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Colour: Navy and Silver

Needles: US 1/2.25mm

Knit For: Me!


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