We’re Going to China!

Remember how I said in my Ten New Things blog that Dave and I had something new and exciting coming up.  Well that new and exciting thing is a trip to China in March/April to volunteer with International China Concern.  We have been supporting this amazing organization for the past few years.  They provide housing, medical care, education, and most importantly love and a chance at life for children who are abandoned and/or have disabilities.

Every year, almost one million children are born in China with a disability, and often parents are unable to care or provide the medical needs for these children, so they are abandoned in fields, in dumpsters or on the doorsteps of orphanages, without much hope for a chance at life.  ICC has been very successful in its 20+ year history and has had such an impact that the Chinese government has started to provide financial support for the homes and programs they have created to help these vulnerable kids.

Location of ICC care home:  Sanmenxia, pop. 100,000
Location of ICC care home:  Sanmenxia, pop. 100,000

Dave and I will be going with a group of people from all over the world to meet in Beijing, then head inland to Sanmenxia, where we will spend two weeks interacting, helping and loving these kids.  This gives the long term volunteers and the local support workers a helping hand, relief, renewed energy and help in what is very tiring work.   

I’m writing this post to share this adventure that Dave and I are going on, but we would also love your support in prayer and encouraging words as we prepare for this journey.  We leave on March 26th and return April 12.  We would love prayer for safety, strength and health.  Along side that we would like to raise a small portion of funds for the trip to cover some of our out of pocket, non tax-deductible expenses such as flights, shots, insurance and visas.  Don’t feel the need to donate if you can’t, your prayers and encouraging words are plenty enough.  

However, if you would like to donate click this link: China Trip Plumfund

This trip to China will be emotional and mentally and physically challenging, but in the same way life giving and eye-opening.  We are really excited to see how God grows us as individuals and as a couple as we spend time with these special kids. 

More to come as we prepare to head out the end of March!



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