Massaging Pig’s Feet

So this happened a couple weeks ago.  It was pretty much the end of our pig supply from Windsor Meats and I was determined to make it happen.  I have read about Marco-Pierre White bringing pig’s trotters back to fashion in London in the 80s, it was time for Dana Prescott to attempt something just as crazy in Vancouver.  Did it work?  No.  It was terrible.  But I can definitely claim it as a Ten New Things.  It certainly was the first time I shaved a pig’s foot with a ladies razor and massaged between the toes (hooves) to get rid of the dirt and ‘stuff’ that grows there.  You can picture it right? 

I have Asian friends who love these, but my version didn’t work out so well.  I followed this recipe, called Honey-roasted Pig’s Trotters with Vegetables, which would allow me not to have to spend 4-5 hours cooking them that I just didn’t have that day.  Also most recipes asked that they be cut into smaller portions by the butcher, so that was out too.

This is how they ended up.  Not too terrible looking.  Note the hot pepper stabbed in for just for Dave.

I kid you not, we got a quarter size piece of meat off of each foot and the cartilage was so unappealing that we didn’t eat it.

Has this ruined me for trotters?  No.  Knowing that in China people know how to cook them gives me hope that I could eat tasty pig’s feet.  So bring it on!  I also hear duck head soup is lovely, but I’m not willing to try that recipe at home…not yet anyway!

Our Visa forms are filled out and need to be submitted as our final big item to check off our list before we leave for China on March 26th.  35ish days to go!

If you would like to contribute a little to our trip to China to work with International China Concern click here.  Prayers are appreciated too, as Dave is hitting a tough patch in his Chinese learning and I’m fighting through exhaustion with anemia.  Pray that we build up energy and language skills before our trip so we are able to put our full efforts into helping the kids we meet.  Thanks!  Time for a nap!



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