Special delivery for the Prescotts!  Our quarter cow finally arrived.  We ordered if from our favourite butcher, Windsor Meat, about 3 weeks ago and now we have a freezer full of meat. Just to be accurate, we did split this with another couple and a family.  There was no way Dave and I could eat up 150+ pounds of meat.

We got a really great variety, including a flank steak, stewing beef, ground beef, bones for broth making, osso buco, and four roasts!  One roast is slow cooking right now and it smells lovely. Sunday dinner is on! With some Pure Bread’s Disfunction Ale from the farmer’s market we are good to go.

There was also an exciting development at the farmer’s market a week ago.  They now have beer, wine and hard liquor vendors there that are doing samples and selling their product.  I have somehow managed to buy two bottles of wine at the market in two weeks.  Amazing BC wine of course, but a little pricier than we normally go, but it’s SO good!   I love pulling out a good bottle when friends come over and sharing in something nice around the table.  

If you are in BC, I’ve bought Siren’s Call 2012 Vognier and a Robin Ridge Red Blend.  Both great flavoured wines I would get again.

We are heading to China in just over two weeks.  Perhaps I’ll get one more blog in, but if not, keep praying for us as work has been extra stressful leading up to the trip. I’m really looking forward to the change of…well, everything!