The Summer So Far

Hard to believe it has already been over a month since my last post.  Dave and I have been going steady this summer with visitors, a trip to Ontario and more visitors, so I thought I would post some of the highlights in photos.

We were in Ontario over the Canada Day holiday and my family rented a cabin in Bayfield. We had a great time spending time together with my parents, siblings and all the kids.  There was a men’s morning and a women’s morning where we had kid free time to go into town for lunch and shopping.  I love the kids, but it was a lot having nine kids ten and under running around all the time.  You could often hear me around 7pm saying “Is it bedtime yet?”  Here is a picture of my sisters and I on the couch about to get some sista’ knittin’ time in. Breanne on the left is expecting in December when we go back at Christmas.  I hope the timing works out to meet niece or nephew number ten!

For Canada Day dad and my brother, Shane, got some fireworks going, which the kids loved.

Dave and I enjoying the campfire and the nice temperatures.  We roasted marshmallows and made apple pies over the fire.

My oldest niece, Abby, helped me in the kitchen with dinner on the Prescott’s night for meal making.  It was really fun having her help and teaching her some new skills.  I have never cooked with the kids before and I feel it is really important to have them involved and learning how to prepare food from a young age.  It certainly is more rewarding to eat when you have helped. I could tell my sister-in-law lets Abby help at home because she jumped right in to help and was eager to learn new things.

Dave also got some help peeling the corn.  Maybe more help than he anticipated.

I got to spend time with my nephew, Trent, who is about 2.5 years old as we ‘read’ his favourite book…the John Deere catalogue.

There were also this group of goofy people that would always stare out the window…

But I suppose they were looking at this every night…

We got to also see Dave’s mom and stepdad on the weekends and went out to a big pre-flight breakfast at Malibu Restaurant before heading home on Sunday.

Looking a little tired after a very full but great week of visits with friends and family.

Just this past week my cousin, Erin and a friend, Ola, came from London to visit.  We had a great time sightseeing and having lots of wonderful food.  The photo below is from dinner at Grub on Main Street.  It just reopened after a fire and was better than I remembered.  95% of the food is from local farmers and the meat is all the best quality of grassfed.  Along with some BC wine it was delicious and showed Erin and Ola the great food that we have out here.

We also spent a night walking and sitting on the seawall across from downtown.  It was a beautiful night and One Direction was playing a show in the stadium across the water, so Erin got to hear some songs she liked “live”. 

The rest of the summer keeps kickin’ it up with a wedding this weekend, a wine festival and more visitors from Calgary and Australia.  Looking forward to it!