Über Salads

Let me preface this by saying, I don’t really like salads.  But this has been the summer of salads for Dave and I. I’m not talking your rinky-dink greens with dressing, I’m talking about the über salad.  The salad that has soul and guts (and sometimes meat!) and fills you to the brim.

I came across the idea of the über salad in Australian Matt Preston’s book Cook Book.  He had a salad section and then a section where he takes them to the next level, and boy, do they look good.  So I’ve been taking hearty salad ideas from a few cookbooks and making a lot of them this summer. 

The first one I started with was a warm middle eastern herb salad with zucchini, pumpkin seeds, crispy chickpeas and a lemon tzatziki dressing from Cook Book.  

Next, I had some pork belly sitting around that was begging to be cooked.  It’s such a cheap cut, and completely unhealthy, so why not pair it with a salad to balance things out.  So here is a sticky pork belly salad with a cabbage and herb slaw. (recipe from Cook Book)

This next one came from a new cookbook I got called What Katie Ate on the Weekend by Katie Quinn Davies.  It’s supposed to be a prosciutto, fig and grilled peach salad, but fresh figs are so hard to find, so I went without and it was still turned out well.

Mmmm, this next one was a winner, potato salad with bacon and crispy corn from Matt Preston’s book.  The bacon is cooked and finished with maple syrup.  It is delicious and filling.

Next up, nectarine’s and tomato salad with toasted pecans and feta.  This one came from Erin Gleeson’s The Forest Feast, an absolutely unique, beautiful cookbook.  She does water colour on each page and shows images of all the ingredients.  All the meals are simple and involve very few items.  Great book for parties and small get togethers. Love it!

Other than these, Dave and I have been eating a lot of tomato, cucumber and feta salad from a simple recipe I found in Luisa Weiss’s My Berlin Kitchen book.  She has a lot of great recipies in it with a split between her Italian, German and American background throughout the book.  I have a pint of quark in my fridge just begging to be made into a cheesecake soon.  Next on my list, but right now, it’s time to get dinner on and a salad made!