About Dana

You don’t need a silver fork
to eat good food.

— Paul Prudhomme

I’m an Ontario transplant, who moved to Vancouver seven years ago because I read that the running was good. Not surprisingly, I quickly became a food junkie in this epicurious town and also started knitting, which helps disrupt the constant hand to mouth food problem.

A couple years back, I started hitting up the farmers market, buying better groceries and getting really knowledgeable about cooking better meals.  Shortly after, I decided to take a course at the Pacific Culinary Institute of Arts to learn the foundations of cooking and sharpen my knife skills and I loved it.  As my husband, Dave, and I do more traveling around the world, my food curiosity in the kitchen continues to grow (as does my chilli tolerance!). 

This blog is mostly for my family and friends, especially my mom, as I share life on the West Coast and the adventures I have, but if you stumble on it and enjoy it then let’s be friends.