Catch Up

It has been a very busy start to the year, mostly with work, which had me coming home exhausted and not very motivated to do much. But things are calming down there. I have a new co-manager who has really taken a load off my plate and I finally get to spend time with my employees and get caught up.  This results in less stress and more time to do things outside of work.  And thank goodness, because this summer is going to be a doozy of activity and fun.

It all starts in a couple weeks as we get to see our favourite musical comedians (not a big category, I know).  Heck, they are probably my favourite comedians, Flight of the Conchord.  They’ve both been busy working other projects for the past several years, but have come back together to tour with some new material and old classics.  I’m so excited!  If you want a little taste of them, watch this and if it doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know you. 

The day after the concert we are heading out to Ontario, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island to visit family and take a mini vacation on our own.  It’s part of our Year of Family.  We were already in Calgary on the Easter long weekend visiting Dave’s brother and sister-in-law, we just had Dave’s mom and step-dad visiting here and we will hit up my family in Ontario and Dave’s sister and family in New Brunswick.

We’ll get away by ourselves in PEI for 3 days and have some fun things planned for there as well. PEI will be a first for both of us and hopefully we will find some relaxation on the trip. I’m looking forward to biking on the Confederation Trail and eating some shellfish. It will be the first time Dave and I have vacationed by ourselves in two years and I’m pretty excited about that, even if it is just a couple days.

I’ve also been on a kick this year to ‘read down’ my library wish list.  The Vancouver Public Library allows you to save books to read later on their website and app.  I’ve saved books for years, but haven’t ventured back to the start and ticked many off.  So this year, I started at the oldest book on my list and told myself, I either read it or remove it.  Its been good and I’m currently working through 2013, the year I quite obviously started cooking more, because I have so many cooking books on the list that year.  It’s been great though and I’ve read some good books including Gabrielle Hamilton’s autobiography Blood, Bones, & Butter, Vivian Swift’s Le Road Trip and, finally(!) Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale after putting it off for about a decade.  Next I’m working on Edward Rutherfurd’s epic London.  I’m expecting this to take a couple months and hope it will make good vacation reading.

There will be more about the summer I’m sure and hopefully some photos from all the places we go.  Canada, you’re so beautiful…you could be a part time model.


Taking Action

Wow, have you ever seen a group of men this sexy? 

I don’t normally, okay ever, write about political stuff, but I have a strong leaning towards what the government is amending right now.  Canada’s prostitution laws are very outdated.  They use the term bawdy house in our laws for Pete’s sake!  This year that is all going to change.  Canada is looking for your opinion on how to change these laws.  Hopefully they will come out protecting woman and children and criminalizing those who keep this profession in demand.  

I have always had a heart for woman on the street and the hidden, or not hidden, children in this profession.  I’m so sensitive to sexual violence that I can’t about read about it or watch documentaries, movies or TV without repercussions on my emotions and dreams.  Did you know the average age of a person going into prostitution is 13.  The AVERAGE!  If you think about that even for a minute, you can think of a child you know who is hopefully safe from that reality.  Now think of those who aren’t.  If that doesn’t get your blood boiling or the tears welling up in your eyes, I don’t know what will.

Until TOMORROW, March 12, you can write your comments on the government of Canada’s site, where you can share your opinion about how we can save vulnerable woman and children from a life that is unimaginably horrifying and degrading on a day to day basis.  Canada wants your feedback.  

Personally, I want us to implement the Nordic Model.  Criminalizing those who use prostitutes for sex or profit, and helping create programs for woman and children to integrate safely back into healthy lives in society.  It has been a big success in Scandinavian countries and has reduced their number of child and adult prostitution significantly.  Canada can do this too!  It is proven that legalizing prostitution only brings more demand, higher crime rates and more trafficking of humans like you and me.  It’s proven.

Go please take a minute to go to this site and click Expand All.  Fill in one or all of the questions and send it off with the tap of a button.

If bawdy house is a term that was used the last time we changed these laws, think of how long it might be until we do it again.  Do it now!